Story of MY life. .. comp entry for story of my life..

*story of my life entry*


1. Lydia.

You see, I was born in Cheshire. however, My dads irish making me half irish. my mum is half hungarian making me a quater. and then i am a quater english.

makes sense since i love One direction and harry lives 44minutes away from me and my auntie an hour away from Niall... 

My name, came from a Victorian Lady, as my mum told me when i was eleven. I had asked her.

I was born ten days late, which would have made my birthday 28th february. Instead.

my birthday is the tenth of march. 

When i was brought home. i was so small my dad could hold me in his hand, aw

When i was one. There is a picture in a box full of baby stuff my mum kept. It was my first taste of cake, so being me, i8 sat watching my couisens sing happy birthday to me in welsh,. this made me giddy so i began to eat cake..



It ended up in my hair xD



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