The Love Between A Girl and Her Horse

This is the story of the time one lonely girl met the horse that would change her life forever. One girl filled with love and her horse filled with happiness. They can go to each other for everything and at the same time they can join each other in one mind.


1. Love at First Ride


It all started when my family and I were on a vacation to go see my grandma. I had heard all about how she had horses and all I wanted to do was know more. So, as soon as we got there and were unloaded I started asking my grandma questions left and right about her horses. After a while she told me that we would go out to the stable in a few days. The next couple of days were the hardest for me because I couldn't stop thinking about what it was going to be like sitting on top of a huge four legged animal that weighs 20 times as much as me. Then when she finally said that we were going out to the stable I immediately hopped into the car.

When we got there I was kind of nervous but at the same time really excited. The first horse I rode was Gus. He was the sweetest horse ever. I loved him. He was gentle, nice and slow. The next horse I rode was Star. Star was also nice but she got spooked very easily. While I was ridding her, all of a sudden something spooked Star and she took off!

I kind of freaked out but that was the moment that I realized I didn't only love horses, I loved the thrill of going really fast that came with it. I loved riding, I couldn't wait to get back home so I could tell my mom.

Soon I got started in horseback riding lessons, at a stable out in Springville, Iowa, and I enjoyed it so much. Eventually the pony I was riding got to small for me so I decided to move barns. The next barn I went to was out in Anamosa/ Mechanicsville.

I loved it there (for a short while at least). I switched between a lot of different horses, in different barns. That soon grew annoying, because as soon as I got used to one horse I had to switch to another. So my mom and I moved barns again. When I went to the new barn I knew it was were I belonged; at Iris Roan Hill. 

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