The countdown

The countdown starts.

Written for the hunger games fanfic competition

There's a belief that when you see a penny with the head side facing up it's someone you love who died saying hello.
That belief inspired me to write this poem.


1. The countdown

I am the girl from district one

Yesterday was the day my training began

In 13 days the battle will start

And so many families will be ripped apart.


I am the boy from district two

I know I'm the best and I will beat you

We'll win again we've won in the past,

I'm good at killing and I'm very fast.


I am the girl from district three

Why me? Why me?

I know I might die, I'll have to keep going

keep my fear hidden keep it from showing


I am the boy from district four

And when the games start I wont live anymore

I know I might die I know that's it's true

im really sorry that next time its you


I am the girl from district five

With my brains and my skills I might survive

I've got to keep moving so I wont get found

I'll be as quiet as I can I wont make a sound


I am the boy from district six

I am good at kicking and throwing hits

I wasn't freighted I had no fear

But then I saw the other tributes here


I am the girl from district seven

I don't want to die but I believe in heaven

I have to fight but I don't want to

im learning all the things that I need to do


I am the boy from district eight

I'm fab I'm the best im just great

I'll win I know I will im too strong to die

no one can kill me. Want to try?


I am the girl from district nine

The games will start in a few days time

I might die but I might stay alive

I'll do all that I can to survive


I am the boy from district ten

When the games start ill still be alive then

I need sponsors so that ill keep fighting

I'm building, climbing, hiding, trying.


I am the girl from district eleven

Everybody says 'oh I'm going to die but I'll go to heaven'

Blah blah blah I don't care

I can fight I don't have to prepare.




We were the tributes of this year

At the end of the games only two stood here

Our parents and friends we all still love

we want you to know we'll be watching from above

We'll still wave to you as you are so dear

See a penny heads up and know we're near.




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