he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


8. story of our life never ends

still joeys P.O.V


I run out to my car and drive to Shanes place going way over the speed limit when I get there I practically jump out of the car and run all the way up to his apartment and crash through the door seeing Shane laying on the ground in a puddle of blood so I check his breathing and find out he isn´t breathing at all so I try to do CPR while i´m waiting for the cops to get here, when the cops and paramedics get here the paramedics take Shane away and I have to stay behind to talk to the cops and tell them what I know, when i´m done explaining I get in my car and text Sawyer and Caspar to meet me at the hospital, when I get to the hospital a doctor walks over to me just as Caspar and Sawyer walks up behind me and says


“i´m sorry but Shane Lee yaw is dead”


when those words leave his mouth I break down crying and shaking so badly that Sawyer have to drive me home in my car since the took an uber to get to the hospital, when we get home I run up to my room and dive onto my bed bawling my eyes out ignoring Caspar and Sawyers calls for me to come back downstairs and talk to them, I end up falling asleep dreaming about me and Sawyer with a little boy that calls us daddy and I think Sawyer called him Zack, I then wake up, bathed in sweat so I get up and run to Sawyers room and climb into his bed and whisper


“Sawyer are you awake?”



Sawyers P.O.V


“Sawyer are you awake?”

I turn and look at Joey before saying


“do it look like i´m sleeping?”

Joey shakes his head and I can see the tears building up in his eyes so I sigh softly before saying


“whats wrong Joey did you have a nightmare?”


joey starts shaking and crying before he says


“i-i had a dream about us together and we had a little boy named Zack”


I smile softly and say


“that doesn´t sound so bad at least not to me”


Joey looks at me like i´m crazy and says


“i think its gross cause Shane was my one and only and now he is dead”


I shake my head softly and start tickling Joey, a small smile playing on my lips and I can´t help the laugh that escapes my mouth when Joey starts laughing and squealing, then Caspar comes in and starts laughing when he sees us having a tickle war and jumps onto the bed and joins me and Joey and we had a huge tickle fight all through the night so when Caspar was supposed to get up to go to school we were still up and the tickle fight was still going me and joey cuddled up and fell asleep together when Caspar had left for school.



Caspars P.O.V

I was practically sleeping on mine and Nicks desk when I got to school so I got a chock when Nick was suddenly sitting next to me and he said

“Caspar we have to partner up for the upcoming projects and don´t try anything on me okay”


I nod my head understanding him but my eyes couldn´t leave the boy with the black hair and snakebites cause he looked so cute and id caught him starring at me before, so maybe I should give him a chance to prove that he is worthy of being my boyfriend


Tylers P.O.V


I am sitting with Troye when he turns to me and says


“Tyler promise me that you had nothing to do with Shanes Stabbing okay”


I look at the ground crying


“i-i can´t troye i´m sorry”



Troyes P.O.V


I stand up and slap Tyler as hard as I can and grab my phone dialing 911 and tell the cops that Tyler Killed Shane and wait outside for them to come and take Tyler away, about 5 minutes later the cops come and drag Tyler out of our house and into the cop car and I call my best friend Travis and ask him to come to my house and when he get there I explain everything that’s happened to him and he holds me close, telling me that its gonna be okay and he tell me about his break up with Patrick and how much he wants Patrick was still his.

Travis P.O.V

I fall asleep next to Troye and when I wake up again he is cuddled up to me and my arms tightly around him, a little while later Troye wakes up and looks up into my eyes and I smile, softly kissing his cheek and get out of Troyes bed and walk downstairs and make breakfast for us both when the Bacon starts sizzling Troye comes running downstairs and sit down at the kitchen table and I fill the plates with Bacon, scrambled eggs, toast and waffles and place one of the plates in front of Troye and place the other one at the seat across from troye and start eating my home made breakfast.


Matthews P.O.V


I am laying on my couch watching tv alone since Steven was still at Dereks place and Nick was in school, when I suddenly heard someone knock on the door so I got up and opened the door to see my first ex-boyfriend Sean standing there is a huge bucket of flowers and a note attached to it saying


“hey Matty i´m so sorry I acted like a total dickhead and I was just wondering if you would maybe consider taking me back?

Yours truly Sean”


I stare at the note for a long time before saying


“i-i have a boyfriend and I love him a lot”


I can see that Sean gets visibly sad when I say that I have a boyfriend


Nicks P.O.V

I am sitting in my room with Caspar and we try to do our project on why sour skittles are so sour and I end up asleep in Caspars arms and I can´t help the dreams of what I had with Caspar and a part of me want it back cause the feelings for Caspar never actually went completely away so maybe, maybe I should give Caspar a second chance cause I know deep down that he deserves it for everything good that he have ever done to me but Matthew....

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