he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


10. Sister in trouble and an accident that keep happening

Still savannahs P.O.V


I am sitting on my couch waiting for Steve to pick up his phone and answer me...about 5 minutes later Steve answer his phone




Steve “what is it Savh?”

Savannah “i can you come to my apartment I want to talk to you”


Steve “sure ill be there in 10 minutes with Derek”


Savannah “okay see you”




I lay down on my couch clutching my stomach wincing slightly, when I hear someone knock on the door so I walk over and open it and let Steve and Derek inside and lead the to the couches and tell them to sit down while I go to the play room and get Zack and take him to the living room, when I get back to the living room the first thing Steve says is


“wait what you have kids?!”


I look down at the ground and says


“yes I have a son named Zack and i´m pregnant with a little girl”


Steve stares at me wide eyed before going into older brother protectiveness and says


“which guy do I have to beat up for impregnating my little sister!”


I glare at him fiercely


“before you kick any boys ass you should kick your own for ditching me with an abusive mom”



Steves P.O.V


oh no she did not just trow that in my face I was 5 years old how was I supposed to know that she was gonna get hurt when dad took me away from mom, I was a kid and I was trying to make her believe that everything was gonna get better and that I would come back for her but if this is the way she is gonna treat me then no way in hell am I staying here any longer, I get up and grab Dereks hand pulling him with me and run out to the car and tell Derek to drive away, when we get home I break down crying so hard I don´t hear or feel Derek carry me too our bed and lays down next too me before he softly whispers


“babe what happened in your head back at your sisters place?”


I look up into his beautiful blue eyes and says


“did you see how bad her apartment looked?”


Derek nods his head softly and cuddles up too Steve before saying


“poor Zack he must be living in the worst conditions ever”


Steves looks at me wide eyed before saying


“what do you mean by that Derek?!”

Dereks P.O.V


“what do you mean by that Derek?!”


I stare at the ground as I say


“didn´t you see how shady her apartment looked?”


Steve nods his head softly and says


“i did I just I never thought she would go in my moms footsteps.... just then there’s a loud knocking on the door so we both get up and run to the door and see a police man with a crying Zack in his arms but when Zack sees Steve he tries to reach for and so the police man gives Steven Zack and proceeds to tell us that Savannah had been in a car accident and Zack had been home alone at the time so Steven was all the family Zack had left, so I thanked the cop for bringing Zack he closed and locked the door behind him and walk over to Steven and Zack and sat down looking at them playing around on the ground and smile as I answer my phone




(Matthew) “Derek you and Steve need to come to the hospital right away Nick had a car accident and they don´t know if he´ll make it”


(Derek) “what the hell happened?!”


(Matthew) “some girl drove straight in to his parked car and she died immediately”


(Derek) “okay we are on our way”



END OF PHONE CONVO WITH MATTHEW......................

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