he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


11. Heartbreaking news and maybe together again??

Matthews P.O.V


I am sitting by Nicks bed ignoring the tears and praying for nick to wake up, when Derek and Steve came running in with a little boy, Derek run over to me and hug me, before whispering


“we know who the girl that drove into Nick is”


I jump up and look at Derek before Saying


“tell me who the hell tried to kill my boyfriend!!”


Derek look back at Steve, before looking back at me and saying


“it was Steves younger sister that drove into Nick but I don´t know why she did it”


Matthew starts bawling his eyes out when a doctor walks in and says


“are you the people that came here with Nicholas Laws?”


Matthew looks up at the doctor and says


“yes yes we are why?”


the doctor looks at us sadly before saying


“i´m sorry to say this but there´s gonna have to happen a miracle for Nick to wake up from the coma he is in”


when the doctor is finished speaking Matthew break down crying in hysterics and mumble some non understandable things before passing out from lack of sleep and eating


Joeys P.O.V


I am sitting on my bed sniffling when Sawyer walks in and when he sees the state i´m in, he runs over and cuddles me and whisper sweet nothings in my ear until I fall asleep in his arms.


Sawyers P.O.V


I place Joey on his bed after he falls asleep from exhaustion and walk downstairs and help Caspar make some dinner for me and him while Joey gets some much needed sleep.


Tylers P.O.V


I am laying in the prison cell wondering why I didn´t just tell on her to the cops but then I rethink it and I know that I could never do that to her, cause she means to much to me and id hate to see her sitting in a small prison cell like this, she deserves better than that....



Patricks P.O.V


I am laying on my bed wondering why I didn´t give Travis a chance to explain himself, maybe I was to quick to judge what happened that night, but no matter what its to late now, he is gone and I won´t ever get a chance to get him back again, 5 minutes later my phone starts ringing and I see its Travis so I answer right away




Travis “hi Patrick we really need to talk”


Patrick “ik but how, where, when?”


Travis “slow down and at the carousel in an hour”


Patrick “okay ill see you there babe”




I get up and put on my converse and a jacket and run out to my car and drive to the carousel and see a beautiful boy named Travis standing there with a card, so I get out of my car and walk over to him and take the card he holds out to me and read it


“dear Patrick


I love you more than I can ever try and explain and I hate that we broke up, because it meant that I lost the best thing that have ever been mine, but now I guess its to late, because you probably have already moved on so I guess I waited to long to try and get you back again my love, I love you so much it hurts just thinking about you kissing another boy with the lips that once where placed on my lips....


love Travis Beck”


I look at Travis and break down in tears before running and hugging him tightly and say


“i love you too Travis I never stopped and I would never kiss any other boy than you because you are my one and only and no one can take that away from me”


Travis P.O.V

I smile widely at hearing Patrick say what he said and I pull him out from me a little and smother him in kisses until I hear his beautiful and melodic laughter ring through the night and I end it by kissing his perfect lips softly before saying, the four words that hopefully will make him mine again


“Patrick will you be mine again?”


AN/ hi i´m sorry it took me so long but i wanted to make this chapter really good and the first to guess who Tylers accomplish is will get a dedication and a picture of their fav youtuber in the next chapter so start guessing my little hobbits xoxo Patricia 

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