he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


6. drunk pumpkin carving and possible forgiveness???

Rjs P.O.V


I am laying on the ground with Dobby when Will walks in and he sprints over so I get up and walk inside our room and sits on the bed and thinks why don´t Dobby like me, then Will walks in and shuts the door behind him and sits down next to me before saying


“RJ whats wrong?”


I look down at the ground before saying


“i don´t feel like Dobby likes me at all”


I feel Will put two fingers under my chin and lifts of my head so i´m looking into his beautiful eyes when he says


“ik, but he loves you more than anything in this world just like I love you more than air itself and it kills me too see you so hurt because off it babe”


I can´t help the smile that grace my lips and I say


“i couldn´t ask for a boyfriend there’s better than you and even if I could I wouldn´t cause I love you and no one else”


Will gets teary eyed and says


“you don´t know how happy that made me RJ”


I smile widely and kiss Will softly but it quickly turns very passionately and before we know it we are laying on our bed trying to catch our breaths and I turn my head softly to see Will sleeping peacefully so I cuddle up too him and he moves his head to my chest and I fall asleep listening to Wills soft snores when I wake up again its 8 in the morning so I get up without waking Will and get dressed before going outside our room and let Dobby out of his crate and watch him go to his food and water bawls and see him devour some food and drink some water while I eat my cheese omelet with a side off sweet potatoes and a cup of coffee when i´m done eating I put it in the dishwasher and walk back into our room lifts Dobby up and set him down on Will and watch him lick Will till he waked up and sent me a playful glare before placing Dobby back on the ground and getting out of bed and walk up to me and nibble on my earlobe softly I took a step away from Will and said


“babe I have to go to work”


then I kiss Will softly and leave for yet another day of work.



Matthews P.O.V



I am laying on my bed with Nick when I get a text from Will saying


“hey Matt when are you guys coming to do the drunk pumpkin carving??”


I reply immediately


“when do you want us to come?”


I immediately get a reply back this time from RJ


“when ever you guys feel like it”


I look at nick napping and reply to both RJ and Will

“i´m gonna wake Nick up so we´ll be there in about 2 hours plus/Minus traffic”


I put my phone away and look at nick before kissing him softly until I feel him kissing me back and I pull away and say


“get up babe we have to go to RJ and Wills house for the drunk pumpkin carving challenge and we only have 2 hours plus/minus the traffic to get there”


nick gets out of bed and walks to the bathroom get his hair done as I get dressed in my costume and find nicks costume and go to the bathroom and gives him and watch him get dressed in it as I fix my hair and the head band so I look presentable after we are done we have used 30 minutes on getting ready so we run downstairs and I give Steven a peck on the cheek and says goodbye before we run out to the car and Nick drives us there and when we get there we have 5 minutes to spare so we park the car and walk up to their apartment and knock on the door until Will and Dobby open the door and lets us in and nick sits down on the ground and pet Dobby a bit before getting up and sitting down on the couch yawning softly which in turn makes Will, RJ and me awe at nick and him ducking his head blushing fiercely, I drink some of the slytherin drink from the slytherin cup and nick only being 18 was the only sober gay guy in the room and he was doing pretty good, when RJ cut is finger and it started bleeding a lot, so when Will came back in Nick said


“We need a band aid”


“its not that bad its a clean cut”


then Will says


“how did you cut yourself RJ?”

RJ then says


“with a knife obliviously”


I then start laughing crazily and nick giggles softly about 2 hours later after we are done shooting and are back home and cuddled up in my bed I can hear some noises from Stevens room so I am about to get up and check when I hear someone moaning Derek really loudly so I go back to being cuddled up to Nick and try to go back to sleep when nick says


“they have been going at it since 11 pm and it doesn´t seem like they are gonna stop anytime soon so maybe we should watch a midnight movie babe”


I blush in the dark and says


“id love to nick ill go get the vegan ice cream”


so I get up and run downstairs getting the vegan and the non vegan ice cream and two spoons and run up stairs and see that Nick put in pitch perfect and I give him his Ben and Jerry cookie dough ice cream and I was getting the non dairy kings mint chocolate chunk ice cream and we fell asleep sometime during the movie and woke back up at around 2:30ish in the afternoon me with a killer headache and I get out of bed slowly and take two Advil and a make a glass of water and swallow the Advil and walk back in waking up Nick and telling him that he have school in an hour and a halfish so he gets up and gets ready and leave my apartment and about 15 minutes later Derek and Steven walk inside the living area and Derek says


“matt i´m so sorry I Darren is an asshole so will you please forgive me and take me back as your bestie again please”

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