he was my one true love but he ruined it LushLaw

Matthew and Nick are stronger than ever but a blast from Matthews past might change it all when he comes and tries to break them apart, can they hold on to their love or will that same love rip them apart when they least expect it...only time will tell so sit tight and wait for the possible happy ending....


12. a raging storm, a miracle and a little boy to take home

Nicks P.O.V (I hope you guys are happy xD)


I look around the white room and see dad, Brett, Natasha and Skylar and when they see ive opened my eyes they all smile and I jump into Bretts arms and reach out for my dad and I feels them both hugging me and I hear Brett whisper


“it isn´t his time it can´t be please let Nick go back he deserves to have a full life and get married to that boyfriend of his and have lots of kids”


I sigh softly and sniffle before saying


“Daddy am I dead?”


Dad looks down into my eyes and says


“No Nicholas your not dead, your in a coma and that boyfriend of yours Matthew right he is in hysterics because he thinks he is losing you”


I look at my dad with tears streaming down my cheeks


“i wanna go back to Matthew, I don´t wanna lose him ever please Daddy let me go back to him Please..........


….....s P.O.V


why did we do it I never meant to kill Shane I only wanted to scare him and Tyler is taking the blame for it all and he have lost almost all his fans because of me and I can never take back what I did that´s far to late and beside I could care less about Shane Lee Yaw, I hate him, I Hate Him!, I HATE HIM SO MUCH!!!!



Travis P.O.V


I Look at him and can see in his eyes that he is struggling with something so I look back down and softly says


“you don´t have to take me back if you don´t want too”


I can feel Patricks stare burn through me as he says


“i do want you back, i´m just scared that it´ll happen again”


I look down as I say


“i can´t make any promises”


I can feel Patricks breathing near my ear before he whispers


“if its like that then i´ll take the chance, i´ll always take the chance if it means that I get to call you mine forever but not now, not in this world i´m sorry Trav”


Troyes P.O.V


I am Laying on my bed when I hear a knock on my door so I get up, walk downstairs and open the door and see a small basket laying there so I take the basket and carry it to the living room and place it on the table, when I hear a baby cry so I lift the blanket away a little and see a little baby, so I quickly take it into my arms and rock it back and forth softly until it falls asleep, by then Travis is back and I ask him to hold the baby, while I read the letter, so he takes the baby into his arms and rock it softly and I grab the letter and open it to see a piece of paper with a neat writing on it


“Hi Troye, this is my baby boy and I want you and Travis to look after him for me since I can´t because i´m terminally ill with cancer and I know deep down that you will both be amazing fathers and I placed the adoption papers in the basket and you can name him what ever you want


Love Kimberly Camille Adams”


I start crying and take the baby boy from Travis and tell him to read the letter I watch his face change into a look of sadness and slight horror before he looks at me and says


“do you like me as more than a friend?”


I stare at the ground and stay silent, because yes I do love Travis but, I never thought that he would want me because he had Patrick but I guess its changed now since Patrick is gone and ik I want Travis to be mine no matter what I have to do to get him, so I look back up and into Travis eyes and says


“i love you Travis I have since I first set my eyes on you”


I see Travis blush furiously, which makes me giggle softly and duck my head, I hear him walk towards me a few steps and place something down probably our baby boy and I feel him grab my hands and make me stand up so he can kiss me softly, I kiss back just as softly and pull away to see our little boy looking up at us smiling, I giggle and lift him into my arms and look at Travis before saying


“i think we should call him Skylar Jayden Sivan-Beck”


Travis looks at our boy and then back into my eyes and says


“i love that name its gorgeous”



Matthews P.O.V


I am laying with my head by Nicks Hand when suddenly I feel someone massage my hair so I look up and see Nick laying there with open eyes and a soft smile so I jump up and pepper him in kisses as I start crying again and I feel him pull me into him and wipe my tears away with his thumb as he says


“i´m never leaving you Matthew never, just remember that okay”


I nod and sniffle when the doctor comes in and smiles happily


“hello Nicholas, i´m glad to see you are awake and well and ill get you signed out when I have unhooked you from the IV”


the Doctor walks over and checks it and takes it out of Nicks hand and keeps smiling happily, he turns around to us and says


“I´ll get you signed out right away Nicholas and your Friends are waiting in the waiting room I can go get them for you if you´d like”


Nick looks up at the Doctor and says


“yes you can go get them because I miss them”



the Doctor nods and walks out closing the door behind him and 3 minutes later Derek and Steve comes running in and jumps on Nick hugging him tightly and whisper sweets things to him........


AN/ the first to guess who Tylers accomplish is will get a dedication and a picture of their fav youtuber in the next chapter so start guessing my little hobbits xoxo Patricia 

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