The Unique Girls

Four different unique girls became famous because of their Music Teacher, but wait theirs Parents and Adopted Parents are famous too. Will they be more than their parents? Will they stay stronger? Find out!


1. Unique Girls

Hi, my name is Ariel Tomlinson. I am 15 years old I am One Direction Adopted Daughter also their girlfriends/ finance Eleanor Calder, Perrie Edwards, Sophia Smith, Kendall Jenner, and Ellie Goulding. I have brown hair and green eyes. I like the color purple. I am outgoing, flirty, talkative, funny, and weird.

Food: Everything 

Sports: Track

Like: Dancing, Sing, Purple, Boys, and FOOD!!!!

Dislike: Haters, Bullies, Fakers, and Players.


Hey, my name is Becca Parker. I am 15 years old I am The Wanted Adopted Daughter also their girlfriends Nina Agdal, Ariana Grande, Kelsey Hardwick, Nareesha McCaffrey, and Megan Gordon. I have brown with blue eyes. I like the color blue. I am shy, quiet, crazy, funny, and AWESOME!!!!!

Food: Pizza and Pasta

Sports: Volleyball

Like: Rap, Sing, Blue, Cook, and Play different Instruments.

Dislike: Bullies, Cats, Cheaters, and Black.


Yo, the name is Raven Bieber. I am 15 years old I am Justin and Selena Daughter. I have brown hair and brown eyes. I like hanging with my uncle Scooter and my dad's crew like we're a happy family. We use to drive the cart at my dads concerts. I like the color red. I am crazy, funny, cute, and weird.

Food: Candy

Sports: Soccer

Like: Sing, Guitar, Red, and Dance

Dislike: Dark, Haters, Cheaters, and Fakers


Hey, What's up this is Brooke Brooks. I am 15 years old I am Beau and Breyana Daughter. I have blond hair and brown eyes. I like to hange around with uncle Jai, Luke, James, and Skip they are fun. We do video together also my mom. I like the color white. I am fun, loving, caring, and nice.

Food: Hotdogs

Sports: Basketball 

Like: YouTube, Sing, Piano, and White

Dislike: Haters, Bullied, Players, and Unhappy people's.



"And We Are The Unique Girls!"

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