The Unique Girls

Four different unique girls became famous because of their Music Teacher, but wait theirs Parents and Adopted Parents are famous too. Will they be more than their parents? Will they stay stronger? Find out!


13. Question/Answer Time

This not the part of the story I just doing something random for a change!!!!😄😃😀


Lets go to 10 questions:


1. Who's taken or not?


Becca: I am!!


Ariel: Single!!!


Brooke: Unsure!!


Raven: Single ready to mingle!!!


(I will not still you who they going to date later on the story hehehe!!)


2. What you girls called your Fans?


Raven: TUG or The Uniquers


3. Favorite movie??


Ariel: The Fault In Our Stars


Becca: The Hunger Games: the Catching Fire


Brooke: Frozen


Raven: Man of Steel


4. Who's your favorite superhero and Why?


Brooke: Iron Man because I love the suits that he makes and they are freaking AWESOME!!!


Becca: Captain America because he's FIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEEE!!!!!! ;)


Ariel: I'll pick Cat Woman because that woman can kick some A**!!!


Raven: Loki like come now how you seen Loki? He's flat SEXXXYYYY!!!!! ;)


5. What kind of accent you girls have?


Raven: Canadian accent


Ariel: British accent (her mum's side)


Brooke: Australian accent


Becca: Irish accent (her dad's side)


6. Who's your bodyguard and manager?


Brooke: His name is Steve Woods! Simon hired him weeks ago! Also our manager her name is Jasmine Marin! They both are married, but not to each other.


7. Embarrassing moments?


Ariel: Well, when I was 13 years old my Mother(Sophia) brought some heels for the red carpet for MTV awards show. When we got to the red carpet I trip my own foot and fell down in the middle of carpet it was so embarrassing.


Girls: -laughing-


Ariel: shut up you guys!!


Raven: I was getting ready for my dad's family reunion I got up late so I was in the hurried that I forgot to do my other hair part curly and one is not. I haven't notices when everyone was giving me weird looks and when My cousin(Lilly) told me about it. It was so embarrassing.


Girls: -laughing-


Raven: That's not funny


Becca: It was my first day of school I was walking down the hallways I got to my locker I can't open my door and I kept trying until I open the door I hit myself with it and left a bruise on my forehead. I walked the bruise all day everyone asked what happen I didn't say anything I just walk away.


Brooke: -laughing- you got hit by a locker.


Girls: -laughing-


Becca: You guys are meanies -whines-


Brooke: I liked this dude back at my hometown. My family and me went to the mall and I saw him I went over to him talking while I was talking to him my dad and uncles ran to us saying 'Brooke like you!', 'I will hurt you if you hurt her!', 'When are you going out with her?', 'Do you like her?', 'Are you boyfriend and girlfriend!' He ran away it so embarrassing. My mom was the normal one


Girls: We understand your pain!!


Brooke: You guys too?


They nodded.


8. Favorite Bands/Singers?


Becca: The Fray and The Wanted!!!


Ariel: 5SOS and One Direction


Raven: Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber


Brooke: Little Mix and The Janoskains


9. Celebrity Crush?


Brooke: Ashton Irwin


Raven: Cody Simpson


Becca: Austin Mahone


Ariel: Trey Songz


10. Any siblings? (I just added them in the story)


Raven: An older brother and a little sister.


Brooke: An older half brother (her mums side), but I don't call him that.


Becca: 4 older brothers, 2 little brothers twins, and one sister Ariel.


Raven: 4 older sisters and Becca and 2 older brothers.



Well that is all for the day with I hope you enjoy the story so far!!! Say bye girls!!!


Girls: BYE!!! You Uniquers!!!!!

If u have question to the girls I will post it on the story if u like and that you can asked them anything you want they won't bite or will they?

Girls: HEY!!!

Hehehehehehehe! 😄😃😀😜😝😛

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