The Unique Girls

Four different unique girls became famous because of their Music Teacher, but wait theirs Parents and Adopted Parents are famous too. Will they be more than their parents? Will they stay stronger? Find out!


8. Brooke's Pov


if you get confused if you started reading this chapter I will explained. 

Well, Brooke is Australian right ok and her family moved here a while after The Unique Girls even invented so she stayed with her aunt Ariyana(Brooke Mom's Sister) because she made friends here, she like its here, and had a band. 

Now, she going Melbourne to tell her parents yes her aunt knows she was excited about it so is traveling there with Becca. Ariel and Raven going to Canada




Brooke Pov

Today, we are going to Australia, Melbourne where all my families is there so YAY! Becca asked her parents that can she come so they said 'yes'. So excited, scared, nervous, and excited. Oops, do I say that again I AM SO EXCITED TO SEE MY FAMILY!!!!!

We got our suitcases and head out to the airport. 

*5 minutes later*

As we arrived to the airport I am so glad that we didn't tell the whole world we are famous so no fan, but there were paparazzi a lot of them. We got out as they started to crowed us then the security came out quickly. They were shouting out question like:


'BECCA IT IS TURE THAT YOUR DATING AUSTIN MAHONE?' Okay, that won is true, but they are doing great even he families improve it so they decide make it a secret.

BROOKE ARE YOU IN THAT MYSTERY GIRL BAND CALLED THE UNIQUE GIRLS? Okay, I don't know in the world they know about that Bec and me started to look at each other ignoring the question walking up to the private jet thank God!

We walking in quickly as the closed the door as Becca started to breathe fast oh shoot she is claustrophobic un least she didn't freak out or black out.

"Are you ok Bec," I asked worriedly and she nodded went back breathing normal. The plane got to the air. I saw Becca knock out I chuckled even I was sleeping I was out cold too.

*20 minutes later*

I felt a shake I rub my eyes and saw Becca smiled sleepily I got up asked, Why, you wake me up Bec."

"Because we are here!" She said. That woke me up quickly when I heard 'we are here'. I smiled so big I even cried a little bit. We got our stuff and got off the plane waiting on Bec's ranted car shows up.

A blue and black strips mustang pulled up up at front of us as a guy who is husband with brown and blue eyes I don't know his name when I saw his name tag 'Dylan' on it. Wow! He is HOT I mean H-O-T hot!!!

"Well, hello ladies here your car and keys inside so enjoy yourself," he said. We nodded as going in the car when Dylan stopped me.

"Wait, may I please know your name please miss?"

"My name is Brooke Brooks!"

"My name is Dylan Hemmings". That so familiar.

"Can I have your number beautiful?" I blushed and nodded as we extended numbers. We were having a moment when B has to blow the horn to make us jump. Bomb you Rebecca (A/N: That's is Becca real name she doesn't use it because she doesn't like it).

"Sorry about that I got to go see ya!" I said waving goodbye getting in the car. He waved back when B drive off. I turned around then I hit B in the arm hard.

"Ouch, what that for?" She said shocking rubbing her arm with one handed on the wheel.

"You have to ruin it the moment?" I said it mad. 

"Well, we are here to tell your parents not to pick guys number right now you can do that later." She said. I nodded still thinking about Dylan last name 'Hemmings' where did I heard that before I was about tell Becca something when we pulled up to the driveway that means I am home.

I got out fast as I can grab my bag and started to banging the door quickly.

"Who's the f** banging on the door like that," some said opening the door when I saw dad I jumped on him. As he screaming until I heard foot stomping fast when they stopped. I looked up and saw Luke, Jai, Mom, Skip, and James laughing. Until, B walked inside confused.

"Can someone tell me what going on here?," Bec asked. Everyone was still laughing while I explained to her then she started laughing. I helped dad up and hugged him as he hugged back.

"Hey, Baby girl and Becca has it going," he said sitting on the couch.

"Nothing much has been a whiled," I said. He nodded.

"So girls what bring you here?" Mom said.

"Oh, I have to tell you guys something," I said nervously. They nodded waiting me to go on.

"Well, what the f** is it the problem?" Luke and Jai both shouted eagerly. I chuckled and said," I am in the band called The Unique Girls.

"That f*** awesome really it is!" James said smiley. I thanked them. We talked about life and I looked at the time it was 11:00 at night. We told the guys that we are going to bed they said 'night' and we walked upstairs to my old room.

"Brooke, can I asked you something?" Mom said as she walked in. I nodded putting my shirt on and Becca fell asleep.

"Do you met someone today?" She asked.

"Yes, I have his name is Dylan Hemmings and his name sounding so familiar," I said blubbering my mouth word until my mom chuckled and shaking her head.

"We can talk about this tomorrow gets some rest. I love you and I am glad you came back to visited," she started to walk out until she stop," oh and please put ears phone and your friend too tonight."

"Oh, mooooooooom," I moaned. She giggle walking out of the room. I put Becca ears phone and mines walked to my bed turning my lights off going to sleep.

Oh yeah mom is right!!!!! Boy, they are so loud!!!!!


Ok, here the chapter I hope you liked it.



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