The Unique Girls

Four different unique girls became famous because of their Music Teacher, but wait theirs Parents and Adopted Parents are famous too. Will they be more than their parents? Will they stay stronger? Find out!


6. Ariel's Pov

Ariels' POV -

"Girllllls!" Raven called. 

"Yeah?" we all chorused. 

"We have to confront ours parents today, but first Ariel is going tell her news today!" 

Since when did I get to go first I mean ask Brooke or Becca? It's so not fair! But she is the responsible one sooooo that's probably why. 

Becca walked in looking nervous so am I. 

"What's up?" I asked. 

"Are you nervous what your parents going to say?" She replied. 

I nodded and said," Yeah, I mean come on its my parents I don't know what they going to say or what they going to do. I hope they supported me.

"They have to cause this is your dream right," I nodded and she continued," So they can't stop your dream, but I know that your families will supported you every step. 

"YEAH!" Brooke cheered. When she got in here? I guess I didn't pay attention Bec was talking to me so. I smiled because Becca always have something to say make us feel better.

"Cool! So are we ready?"Becca asked grabbing the keys. Since we all trust her drive because Brooke, Raven, and I can't drive good and slow.

"Ok, let's go!!!" I said grabbing my phone and my bag. We got in the car Bec already getting to the car started and now own our way to my flat.

"Since, Ari is going first who going next after this!" Brooke asked. 

"As I am I wanted to get though this?" Becca volunteered as a tribute. (A/N: Do you see what I did there?;) )

"I think we can do that tomorrow, if that alright with you B?" Raven responded unsurely. 

"I care really as long I am though this!" Becca said boldly with her. I looked over the window looking passing houses and trees and Bec turned to the drive way that means we have arrived. 

"I am taking it easy girls," I demanded and as we walked up to the door and knock on it. As the door open realising it was Dad(Louis) open door smiling.

"Hi, Girls!" He said. 

"Hey?" We chorused. 

"What bring here girls!" He asked stepping out the way letting us in.

"Well, we are here because I have to tell all the rest of you something very important " I said playing my fingers nervously.

"Well, everyone is here even the girls are over here too. They're in the living room" dad replied.

"Ok, that what I am here!" I smiling nervously. He smiled as we walked towards the living room as we walked in everyone was eyes on us.

"Hey, girls!"Father(Liam)said. 

"Hey!" We chorused again.

"So Ariel is here to tell us something important." Dad said.

"Ok go tell us!" Daddy(Niall) said excitedly.

"WeareinthebandcalledTheUniqueGirls!!!" I said it fast if the knew if I was talking about. When I knew Mum(Eleanor) eyes were wide open. Everyone stared at her now.

"Love, do you know what Ariel is trying to say?" Dad asked and she nodded and said," that they're in the band called The Unique Girls.

"YOU ARE WHAT!!!!" They all yelled.

"Yeah, please don't let me get out of the band because these are my friends I will not abandon them!" I said proudly.

"Ok!" Papa(Harry) said.

"Ok?" I said as my eyes widely too.

"He means that it's ok that you can be in the band." Pops(Zayn) said.

"But why didn't tell he first sweetie?" Ma(Perrie) asked.

"I don't know I thought you will not make me followed my dreams." I said.

"You should still have to tell us if it was alright so we know what going on." Father said and everyone nodded in a agreement. 

"I'm sorry really sorry." I said sadly. They nodded

"GROUP HUGS!!!!!!" Daddy shouted and we pulled in a group hugs. 

----2 hours later----

It was time to go to bed so the girls got ready in their pjs.

"Hey, at they were fine with it." Becca said. I nodded

"Yeah." I said and yawned.

"Well, night girls!" Brooke said.

"Night!" We chorused and we crashed.


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