The Dragons of Japan

A spate of mysterious deaths. Sightings of a mythological creature. Something is terrorising Feudal Japan, and how is it linked to a desperate struggle for survival in a distant galaxy?


10. Thoughts

The General hurried to relay the Doctor's orders to his men. No, a General does not hurry, but he understood, at least partially, how important this was and how valuable the seconds that passed were to saving his world, so yes, in this instance, he did hurry. He left the Doctor lost in thought, staring at the spot where Greseer had disappeared.

The Doctor was anxious. This plan relied heavily on the breach being sealed. If that didn't work out, they would be in serious trouble. It was not by any means a fool-proof plan, and everything could change depending on Clara, and her challenge of communicating with Greseer. The Doctor had witnessed the destruction of many worlds, the carnage of many, many wars; he knew what was at stake here. He had stopped the eradication of Earth countless times, with his companions and friends by his side. But he could sense something different about this attempt.

A creature from thousands of years into the future, who travelled light-years to save his race, who had no intention of wreaking havoc. The Doctor could empathise with Greseer. He could not, however, let him and his kin continue to steal minds and making the tear even bigger. This plan had to work. It would work.

While he went about preparing for the General to bring him the metal he needed, he let his thoughts drift to Clara. What a wonderful girl she was. What a mystery. In his time, the Doctor had had many companions. For one reason or another, all had left him. Some he had lost, some moved on, some... well, he had learnt the hard way what it feels like to love someone and to lose them. He didn't want Clara to become his past, he didn't want to lose her. In his gut, he knew that it would happen eventually, but this time, he had a bad feeling he would be lost before Clara.


The Clara in question was stood in front of the TARDIS console, hoping something was about to happen. It felt like hours since she had left the Doctor; it wasn't, but that wasn't the point. The point was, she had no idea what she was supposed to do. In Clara's opinion, the Doctor put too much faith in her. She was constantly worried about failing to reach his expectations. She had plugged in the device just as she had been instructed, and still, nothing had happened. Clara suspected that the Doctor had left out an important step, as he had been a bit pre-occupied.

Well Clara, she thought, I'd better sort this out myself. I can do this.

With that thought in mind, she went back to the console with renewed vigour, determined to make the Doctor proud, as well as help save the world - again.


General Yuu had pulled out all the stops, breaching however many protocols he needed to, a fact which his superiors would not take lightly, to gain the volume of metal the Doctor had suggested they needed. Meanwhile, his men had got a large fire going, sending reels of smoke spiralling upwards.

The men didn't understand most of what was going on. They had been trained as Samurai, warriors with minds and hearts of steel, trained to follow orders, to fight, to protect, not to build fires and collect metal. Many of them still distrusted the foreigners, these gajin had given them no reason to trust them. But their General obviously did trust them, so from the respect they bore Yuu, they did what was asked.

Yuu was aware of the unrest within his men, but his thoughts rested almost completed on the Doctor's words.

"I am a Time Lord"

"This world, Yuu, is perhaps the most important world in the universe, if only for love."

This hardened his resolve to help the man. He obviously believed in them and Earth. That kind of thinking was rare in his line of work. He headed back towards the Doctor, followed by a couple of Samurai and the molten metal, still with his mind on the mysterious entity that was the Doctor.

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