The Dragons of Japan

A spate of mysterious deaths. Sightings of a mythological creature. Something is terrorising Feudal Japan, and how is it linked to a desperate struggle for survival in a distant galaxy?


9. Tarakonaions and how to Talk to them

Clara quickly slipped her TARDIS key into the lock and hurried inside before any possible Samurai came hunting for her. Almost immediately the warm interior led to her shedding her coat, and then she looked up the central spire as it quietly hummed with almost unimaginable power.

Sometimes, she felt the TARDIS was silently judging her, that those hums and clicks and soft noises were the ship's way of expressing it's disapproval of her. The Doctor would tell her she was being silly (ironic, given how he could be sometimes, stroking bits of the TARDIS when he thought Clara wasn't looking), but she could never quite shake that feeling of... resentment.

Still, now was not the time to pause and ponder. Greseer was probably going to be back, he was slowly ripping apart the very fabric of the universe, and she had to keep an eye out for him. More than that, she had to try and make contact, though the Doctor hadn't explained what she was supposed to say- and she desperately wished he'd given her at least a clue as to his plan.

"Oh Doctor... you crazy, brilliant, foolish Doctor..." She muttered to herself, twisting a dial or two as she waited for... well, anything.


"Right, General Yuu, time to understand what's going on here. Greseer is going to talk to his people and hopefully, stop stealing the minds of your warriors. In the mean time, I need metal. Lots of it. Any sort will do." The Doctor stopped as he reached Yuu, who just looked at him like he'd sprouted a second head.

"What do you need metal for?" He asked, a touch annoyed at being given orders.

"Because, with the right application of this..." The Doctor whisked out his sonic screwdriver. "I can repair the damage Greseer's time travel device is doing. I'll also need your men to start a large fire. As big as possible. Chop chop." He started to saunter off, toward the tree line, when a hand clasped him firmly by the shoulder and spun him around.

"You said it was time for me to understand! So start explaining Doctor- who are you? And what are you doing here?" Yuu was looking mighty angry.

Dark brown eyes of intensity bored into Yuu. "I am a Time Lord. The last Time Lord. I am over a thousand years old and I have seen things far beyond what you can imagine. I have done battle with impossible creatures and been to the very end of time and space. I have watched entire worlds burn and I have always tried my very best to save every life I can. I am here to save you, all of you, including Greeser and his people, and to do that I need your help. Greseer is unknowingly opening a hole in time and space, into which your world and his will fall if the breach isn't fixed. I can use what I know to fix that breach and to do that, I need a lot of molten metal from you. I can use it, in ways I don't have time to explain. Now, please, time is of the essence."

Yuu looked taken aback by the passion in the Doctor's voice. He nodded, then began barking orders to his men. They looked confused, but began to set about their tasks. The Doctor continued to the tree line, with Yuu in step beside him.

"You plan to seal the breach with hot metal? I do not understand."

"It's more complicated than that, but basically yes. The atomic properties of the liquid metal will, when exposed to certain temporal energies and resonated by my sonic..." The Doctor noted the completely baffled look on Yuu's face. "... Yes, like patching a hole in a ship."

"I still do not understand, and I still do not know what to make of you Doctor."

The Doctor smiled. "Quite alright. It's better to maintain an air of mystery. Keeps people interested."

"Your plan, is it dangerous?" Asked Yuu.

The Doctor nodded. "I will need to be right on the edge of the rift. It could kill me. It could kill all of us."

"You would risk all our lives?" There was no combativeness in Yuu's voice for a change.

"In order to save them. If I do nothing then everyone perishes anyway."

"Why Doctor? You do not know us; my first act was to take you into custody and accuse you of plotting to destroy us. Why risk your life to save us?"

"Because..." Began the Doctor. "I have seen what humanity can do. I have seen the dark side of the human race, many times. World wars, nuclear bombs, and so much tragic death. I have also seen acts of incredible bravery and compassion. I have seen creativity, and love, and hope, on scales I can't begin to measure. This world, Yuu, is perhaps the most important world in the universe, if only for love."

Yuu looked thoughtful. "I do not know that we are worthy of such respect and sacrifice."

"You are. Trust me."

"I do not know why Doctor... but I do. Is there anything else I can do to help?"

The Doctor stopped as they reached the trees. "I'm afraid not General. As soon as that metal is melted down, have it brought here. Apart from that, I must do this alone."

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