A Book of Poems

This will be a book of poems about One Direction, life as a teenager and many more things. Some will be sad and others happy! So...enjoy!


2. Haters


His face was glowing,

eyes were bright,

happy from all the laughter.


I watched him pass by me.



His face was a mess,

eyes were red,

sore from all the crying.


I watched him pass by me.




He never noticed me,

or knew I cared,

I really had to tell him.


As I watched him walk by me.



He sat in front of me,

I saw the tears,

streaming down his face.


As I watched him sit by me.



He held a phone in his hand,

the screen was lit up,

with messages in their hundreds.


As I watched him cry by me.



He got up and left,

the bell had just rung,

I needed to find him.


As I watched him run by me.



I looked in the library,

where he always went,

he was sat on the floor.


He was looking at a book.



I walked up to him,

staring in to his eyes,

wondering why they were no longer bright.


He was looking at me.




He said nothing,

and just stared back, 

then he walked away.


I watched him go.



I was in English class,

so confused,

he was sat across from me.


I watched him there. 



I left school at 3 pm,

looking for him,

hoping he would see me.


I waited for him.




It was dark,

but there he was walking right behind me,

he turned left down a path.


I watched him pass by me.



His breathing was heavy,

he seemed out of breath,

he sat by the lake.


I watched him sit by me.



He took out a drink from his bag,

whilst crying loudly,

he drank it all.


I watched him cry by me.


I'd never told him,

that i cared,

even when he'd noticed me.


I watched him by me.


Then I saw the bottle of pills,

it was empty,

he'd taken them all.


I watched him lay by me.



He was lifeless,

I screamed for help,

"You're beautiful" he croaked.


I watched his eyes gazing at me.


"Harry I-",

he stopped breathing,

I was out of time.


I watched him die by me.



By Anastasia Newman                 

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