Never forget

'I couldn't believe she was taken. I love her! I need to find her.'

'I miss him, his kindness and his kisses. Why did they have to take me? I love him!'


8. Nandos

"I'm still hungry" I complained. "Just like Niall" Liam muttered. "HUH WHAT FOOD WHERE" niall yelled.

"I said im hungry" i complained, again. "Oh sorry babe lets go" Louis grabbed my waist and we walked out of the building. "WAAAIT IM HUNGRY TOO DANIELLE LOUIS WAIT!" Niall screamed, sprinting down the ramp towards the car we were standing next to.

"Oh god" louis muttered as Niall jumped into the back seat of the car. "LEEETS GO TO NANDOS" Niall yelled.

Louis and I jumped into the car, suddenly I remembered, James! Shit! I quickly got my phone out and texted him, saying that I'm ok and safe.

"Who ya texting" Niall yelled from the back seat. "You're such a child" Louis and I muttered. "Who were you texting dani?" Louis asked me. "Uh my b- FRIEND, my friend James!" I exclaimed. "Do you have a boyfriend Danielle?" Niall giggled. "Now she does" louis grabbed my hand as we pulled up outside nandos.

"Louis I, I have a boyfriend..." I whispered. "Oh ok-" he said but I cut him off "but I'd dump him for you"

We walked inside with louis thinking and Niall staring around at all of the food. "You good there niall?" I asked. He replied with a drooling noise and then sat down at a table. I followed, dragging louis behind me.

"Why would you dump him for me" louis asked, looking at the ceiling. "Why wouldn't I? You're Louis tomlinson" I replied. He continued to look at the ceiling.

A waitress came over and said "Hello may I take your ord-" she paused, tilted her head and screamed "ARE YOU NIALL HORAN?" Oh god please don't tell me there are fans in here.

Everyone in the nandos just looked casually at us then the waitress kept talking "I can't believe you've come to our nandos! This was my dream oh my gosh!"

Niall started giggling, like a girl, then cracked up laughing. "What?" I snapped at him. "This happens every time" he laughed. The woman came over and took a photo, then took our order.

After dinner louis dropped Niall off and then drove to the place he was staying in.

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