Never forget

'I couldn't believe she was taken. I love her! I need to find her.'

'I miss him, his kindness and his kisses. Why did they have to take me? I love him!'


7. He's so dreamy

After the concert, I stayed in my seat hoping that Louis would come back for me, and he did! "Hey boo bear!" I giggled as he jumped over the seats to get to me. "Danielleeeeeee!" He yelled diving onto me.

"Hey beautiful" he smirked at me. Ahh I can't believe he kissed me earlier. "I'm hungry" I groan. "Alright Babe, follow me" he giggled, jumping over seats and climbing onto stage. "C'mon!" He said grabbing me hand, pulling me into stage. I looked into his eyes and he held the gaze. I slipped over, he was so attractive! "What's with me and girls falling over" Louis mumbled to himself.

"Its because you're attractive boo bear" I whispered in his ear, and he turned and kissed me. When we parted he picked me up bridal style and kissed my forehead. "Let's go find the boys" he giggled.

Louis carried me backstage and put me down onto a sofa. "Hey louis and- danielle?" Harry stuttered. "Yeah I'm Danielle" I stood up. Louis came and wrapped his hands around my waist "and she's all mine Harry" he smirked, not at him but at me and I blushed.

I got out of louis' arms and asked "where's Liz?" Zayn quickly replied "she got picked up by- your mum? She told her what was happening and your mum said you could stay with us for a few days, if you want."

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