Never forget

'I couldn't believe she was taken. I love her! I need to find her.'

'I miss him, his kindness and his kisses. Why did they have to take me? I love him!'


3. Follow me

Louis grabbed my hand, causing me to fall to the ground in shock. "Get up silly" he giggled at me. I giggled too and hopped up. I let him lead me until I saw a sign pointing to 'centre stage'. "Louis are you crazy where are we going?" I exclaimed. "You'll see" he smirked. Not again. I fell to the ground limp from his smirk. He was so dreamy. "You're weird" he laughed, dragging me along. "Hey Niall!" He called to someone to his left, I assume it was Niall. "Who's the limp person you're dragging lou?" Niall asked. "She's mine Niall lay off" he yelled, still dragging me. We reached a door saying 'Louis.T'. "In we go" he said, just as I got to my feet.

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