Into the Moon

This poem is a first of mine. It is a story of magic and death mixed in a nieve womans eyes.It is based in medieval ages.


1. Into the Moon


She walks, her head in her hands, over the field of crosses

And gently she peeps between bloodstained fingers

At all the devastation, the losses.


“Why is it me!” she screams, throwing her bleeding blade behind,

Kneeling at the bank of a calm clean lake

 Weeping “what is it taking my mind!”


“Look closer...” a whisper rises from the water.

She gazes into the pool of the moon

And she loses memory of the slaughter.


Fiercely the water rumbles and quakes.

The reflection of the moon shines intensely

As she begins to shake.


Slowly she crawls from the bank,

But the moon follows her moves

And calls her leaving her mind blank.


The last thing she remembers,

Although she tries to forget it,

Is rising into the sky’s embers.




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