Counting Stars (Nico Di Angelo Fanfiction)

Cira Evans, aged 13, has been bullied all her life. She's not called ugly. No. But she's called a freak. She can see demons, well, that's what she says. she's the only one that sees them. These demons mean death or fear. Eventually, one thing leads to another and she ends up at Camp Half-blood, and finally, there's someone who sees what she sees...


4. Smoky Memories



*Cira's POV*


My fault.... That thought had been replaying over and over in my head for the past couple of hours. I couldn't bring myself to fall asleep. I guess sleeping in a foreign place for the first time would be harder than I thought. I stared up at the timber ceilings, listening to the sound of my siblings snorning (mainly Will... seriously shut up). I let out a quiet sigh and turn over, away from my siblings. I open my eyes and nearly scream.


Not now... please go! 


I lay there, unable to move, yet shaking tremendously. Those-Those eyes... So black and... and I'm sucked into a memory.


A black smoke fills the room and then it blows away...I-I'm in the music room? The room is dimmer and there are students sitting in the corner. A sob escapes my mouth and their heads snap my way... Their-their eyes... they're black....  I take a step back but trip on something... it's... blood!? I look at what I tripped on... Allen-

"This is your fault!" He yells, his eyes turning black... No it-it's not! I'm sorry! I'm so so sorry! Allen's insides where spread around the floor, a puddle of blood pooling around him.

Your fault... the fraze echoed round the room. The students got up and walked over to us, Allen teleported and joined the goup of black eyed teens, his intestine dragging ong the floor. 

Your fault... Images of Nico, Percy, Annabeth, Chiron, Leo and Will, all in someway brutally murdered, the black eyed demon standing behind them, grinning her stiched grin. I screamed. The room turned to smoke and I was back in the cabin, Will, Austin and Kayla, along with some other campers stood around, worried looks on thier faces.


"No! No get away! You're not real! She-she's tricking me! No no no!" I screamed and crawled back, my head hitting the head rest.


"Cira you need to calm-" I scream again. She- she's in the corner... she's smiling at me! she's going to kill them...


My fault....


"She's here! She's going to kill me! She'll kill you! She killed him! no no no my fault! My fault!" I curled in a ball.


"Wait- someone go get Nico! right now! Go!" Will finally realised what was going on and Austin ran out the cabin. My breathing continued to worsen and tears continued to spill down my cheeks. My eyes where locked on the demon as she slowly strode forward.


"No please! I'm sorry I'm sorry! Dont kill me please!" I sobbed. Some of the campers started whispering,


"Is she crazy?-"


"C'mon, shut up! She's your sister!"


"Yeah I know! but still look, she's totally flipping out."


"I'm not crazy! She's right there can't you see her!?" I sobbed. Will elbowed the two campers telling them to shush.






She put her claws up to her mouth and the stitches stretched, revealing sharp, pointy teeth. A long snape like tounge slithered out her mouth and licked her claws. My breath hitched.






She got closer and closer, Smoke floated along the floor. Her dress swishing them into creepy figures. She raised her grey, stitched hand, ready to swipe down on Will's neck. The image flashed in my head. 


"Get away!" I screamed! Just as she started swinging, Nico ran in. The black eyed lady turned and looked at him, with a wave of her claws she vanished in a cloud of smoke. Nico had a pair of dark grey sweat pants on and a black, loose singlet, showing the sides of his chest. He ran a hand through his messy hair and side, sword hanging loosly by his side. I put my head in my hands and silently cried. 


"Move." I heard Nico mutter and the rest of the Apollo cabin scrambled. The bed dipped and, who I'm guessing was Nico, placed his hands on my arms prying them away from my face.


"Cira, you need to tell me exactly what happened okay?" His voice was caring yet firm. My breathing was still fast and my eyes still stung. Nico continued, "Cira, Calm down okay, she's gone- No don't- look at me- For Zues's sake- Breath!" He placed his hands on my cheeks, forcing me to look him in the eyes. His eyes... they were beautiful... To most people they were dark brown- almost black, but the longer you look, the more you notice the flecks of gold.... My breathing slowly calmed and I moved my hands to wipe my face of the still lingering tears. Nico turned to Will,


"I'm going to have to take her to Chiron, we had no idea how bad this actually was." Will nodded and gave me a concerned smile. I turned my red, puffy eyes to the floor.


"Come on..." Nico stood up and grabbed my hand, pulling me to a stand. As we exited, my siblings started whispering. Without thinking, I reached for Nico's hand. He looked down at me and gave a pittyful smile, squeezing my hand. The night was quiet, besides the growls and howels coming from the forest. 


"I'm sorry..." I mutter. Nico gives me a confused look, which I can nearly see in the moonlight. "You probably just want to go back to bed, I'm sorry for being such a nuisance and all, I'm probably better off dead-" Nico ubruptly stops and cuts me off.


"Never ever say you're better off dead, okay? No one is ever better off dead okay? This problem, like all problems, is fixable, we have all the gods on our side, this'll be fixed before you know it. I never want to hear that again, okay?" He said this like he knew from a past experience, he knew how it felt to think 'maybe I'm better off dead'. I silently nod, not having the guts to say anything.


"C'mon..." He squeezed my hand and we continued walking to the blue house in the distance. Once we get there Nico, loudly, knocks on the door. We wait until we hear the sound of thumping footsteps.The door ubruptly swings open.


"What do you- oh... Come in." Chiron answered the door, his emotions changing from rage to realisation. Nico and I sliently enter and Chiron leads us to the kitchen, Nico and I take a seat on the stools which were lined up against the kitchen bench. 


"Demons?" he asked, Nico and I nodded. Nico had his arms resting on the bench, his hands held together. 


"Chiron, it's worse than we thought." Nico stated and Chiron sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose. Chiron turned and put on the coffee machine and we all knew, this was going to be a long night.




*Nico's POV*


Something bad was going to happen, there is way to much dark energy. I sighed and lay on my bed, lights out had gone hours ago but I couldn't sleep. After a couple of minutes i nearly dosed off but there was a loud nocking on my door. I swing open the door.


"Jeez could you not break my door dow-" An Apollo kid, Austin I think, cuts me off.


"It's Cira! She's totally flipping out! Will told me to come get you." So that's all the dark energy... I grab my sword from besides my door and swing the door shut behind me. I take off in a jog towards the Apollo cabin, Austin closely following. When I burst through the door, the demon was about to slice Will's neck from behind. It's  stitched mouth was stretched open, a long, snake like, tongue hanging out. She notice my presence and faded away in a black cloud of smoke. I sighed and ran a hand through my unkept hair. Most of the Apollo cabin had gathered around Cira and the rest where watching from thier beds. 


"Move." I say firmly, making my way towards the hyperventilating girl. The other campers move away in the speed of light. Ciara had tears running through the cracks between her fingers, her breathing fast. I sat in front of her and pry her hands from her face.


"Cira, you need to tell me exactly what happened okay?" I say rather calmly. Cira continues to cry. "Cira, Calm down okay, she's gone- No don't- look at me- For Zues's sake- Breath!" She stops breathing momenterally and I put my hands on her -incredably soft- cheeks, forcing her to look at me. We sit there for a couple of minutes in silence, just staring into eachothers eyes. The whole cabin is silent. Eventually her breathing calms and she stops crying. She wiped the remaining tears and I sigh, turning to Will.


"I'm going to have to take her to Chiron, we had no idea how bad this actually was." Will nods and I Take Cira's hands helping her up. We silently walk out the cabin, her siblings whispering. I feel Cira's cold hand grip my warm one. I squeez her hand and smile at her with pity.


"I'm sorry..." She mutters and I give her a confused look. She continues, "You probably just want to go back to bed, I'm sorry for being such a nuisance and all, I'm probably better off dead-" I cut her off. Remembering after Bianca died, all the times I thought that. I stop walking and face her.


"Never ever say you're better off dead, okay? No one is ever better off dead okay? This problem, like all problems, is fixable, we have all the gods on our side, this'll be fixed before you know it. I never want to hear that again, okay?" By the look on her face, I could tell she was surprised, I could tell she knew I had been through a lot. She nodded her head and looked at the ground, I sighed, muttering a 'c'mon'and taking her hand again. We continued walking. The rest of the walk was quiet, besides the growling and howling coming from the forest. When we get to the big house I knock on the door. It takes a couple of seconds before we hear footsteps.


"What do you- oh... Come in." Lucky for us, Chiron answered the door. once he realised it was us he let us in. We made our way to the kitchen, Chiron turned on the coffee machine, knowing it was going to be a long night, where as Cira and I slid onto a bar stool, next to the island bench.


"Demons?" Chiron asked, to be honest he didn't need to ask, he already knew. I lent forward onto the counter, holding my hadns together.


"Chiron it's worse than we thought." Chiron sighed at my reply. He placed mugs of coffee in front of Cira and I and took a sip of his own.


"What happened?" He asked. I looked over at Cira who held her warm coffee in her hands.


"W-well I coudn't sleep so I turned over and s-she was there-" Chiron cut her off.


"She?" He asked. Cira nodded.


"It's a girl she has a dress made of smoke, her skin is grey with stitches over it. Hey mouth is sewn but she can open it... a-and her eyes... they're b-black... and if you look into them she makes you relive a bad memory or nightmare..." Cira's hands started to shake so she placed down her coffee cup and continued, "And I accidentally looked into her eyes... we where in the music room at school. In the corner where other students but they had black eyes too. A-Allen was there..." Her breath hitched, "He... He said it was my fault he died... I-I mean it was! If he had never had known me... If we had never met... he wouldn't have... she wouldn't have..." She placed a hand over her mouth and her hair covered her eyes. She shook and her breathing quickened. 


"Hey Ci, look at me okay?" I turned in my seat and placed a hand on her knee. "It wasn't your fault okay? None of this is your fault, Allen wouldn't blame you would he?" She shook her head and I continued. "See, now stop crying because we're going to figure this out." I gave her knee a squeez and she nodded, wipping her eyes. I turned and looked at Chiron who sighed.


"Cira, do you think you could draw a picture? Then we could have a better idea of what this thing might be." Cira muttered a 'yeah sure' and Chiron trotted off to find some paper and a pen. Cira rested her elbows on the bench and put her head in her hands. I placed my hand on her back and traced figures of eight. She sighs and turns her face to look at me. She's about to say something but is interupted by Chiron.


"Here." He places acouple of peices of paper down and some pens on the bench. Ciara began to sketch out the demon and... damn she was good.


"Didn't know you could draw..." I mutter earning a concertrated hum from her. In a couple of minutes she had done two front few sketches, one with its tongue out, one without, and two side view, one with its tongue out, one without. 

"Those are so accurate that's crazy..." I whisper. Chiron studies the drawings and sighs. 


"I've never seen anything like this..." He mutters before continueing, "Come on we've got some research to do." The centaur leads us to the library and we began searching through piles of books. We search many catagories 'Demons', 'curses', 'hex', 'voodoo', 'hoodoo' and many more. Cira and I sat on the floor searching through piles of books for hours and eventually she starts to yawn. 


"Go take a nap on the couch." Say to her, eyes not leaving my book. She grumbles in protest.


"But I want to help..." I could hear how tired she was and I looked up at her.


"Go nap, I was going to go give those sketches to my father, see if he knows anything about them." She goes to protest but I get up, holding a hand out for her. She sighs, taking my hand. I nudge her in the direction of the couch. I leave the room to fetch her a blanket and when I return she's out cold. I smile and drape the blanket over her. I run a hand through my hair and pick up the sketches. 


"You going to give those to your father?" Chiron asks, making me jump as he enters the room. 


"Yeah, Cira was bout to pass out anyway, think you could continue to do some research while I'm gone?" I ask and he nods. He say our goodbye and I shadowtravel to the underworld. The underworld's not as bad as everyone thinks... or maybe that's because I'm used to it.. I inwardly shrug and walk into the throne room. Hades was asleep on the throne. I role my eyes and clear my throat.


"Whaa- Merry Christman?.." He mutters sleepily and regains himself before continuing. "Oh... Nico.. what're you doing here?" I stroll up to my fathers throne and hold out the drawings to him.


"This is the demon Cira's been seeing, ring any bells?" I ask and my fathers eyebrows furrow. He snaps his fingers and 3 skeletons march in. "Find a match." He tells them, they solute and walk off. 


"Is giving skeletons that job the best idea? I mean... they don't have brains." Hades groans.


"Nico they have souls! Their knowledge is in their soul!" He says and almost ands a 'duh' but restrains himself. I shake my head and turn to take my leave.


"Wait... give this to the girl." He hands me a necklace with a black stone on the end. "If this... thing is a demon, it wont be able to touch her." He continues and hands my the silver chain. I nod and thank him. I shadow travel back to my cabin, might as well shower and get chained right? After showering I put on a black T and my aviator jacket with some ripped black skinny jeans, you know, the usual. I grab Cira's jeans Annabeth washed for her and a dark grey Greenday t-shirt. I put the clothes, her shoes and the necklace in a bag and shadow travel back to the big house. When I arrive Cira is still sleeping and Chiron is in the kitchen making more coffee. I place the bag next to the couch and make my way into the kitchen.


"So how'd it go?" Chiron asks.


"He hasn't seen it but he's looking..." I grumble, man I'm tired. 


"As much as I'd like to help but I have to go, if I'm not in the mess hall gods know what the hermese cabin will do... plus Percy." I chuckle and Chiron leaves. I sigh, I may as well wake Cira up so she can shower and eat break fast.


"Cira... Wake up..." I shake her slightly and groans, turning over she mutters 'five more minutes.' I smile but continue to wake her up. "C'mon Cira... " She opens her eyes and glares at me.


"You want a shower?" I ask her and she flips me off. I laugh, a real laugh.


"Well then, are you ticklish?" Her eyes snap open in alarm. bingo. I start tickling her sides and she squeels.


"No! Please! pfft- stop! I'm gonna pee stop!" She says in between laughter. I stop.



"Are you going to get up?" I smirk.


"Probably not." She smirks back but starts laughing once I start tickling her again. "Okay! Okay! I'll get up!" She sits up and pushes me off. I turn round and pick up the bag, slipping the necklace in my pocket to give to her later.


"Here, go shower and change." She takes the bag and thanks me, walking into the dirrection of the bathroom. A couple of minutes she walks out, my shirt fitting loosly over her shoulders, the sleeves rolled a couple times her denim jeans fit snug around her legs. I smile and stand up from my seat on the couch.


"Here," I take the necklace out my pocket and ask her to turn around, clipping it to her neck. "It should keep the demon from touching you." She turns to face me and looks at the necklace.


"Thanks." She smiles.


"No problem, now c'mon let's go get some breakfast. She hums in agreement and we make our way to the dinning pavilion.


((Authors note: chapter for @IzzyStylinson2015 who's birthday was the other day, Happy Birthday enjoy the chapter! xx))

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