Counting Stars (Nico Di Angelo Fanfiction)

Cira Evans, aged 13, has been bullied all her life. She's not called ugly. No. But she's called a freak. She can see demons, well, that's what she says. she's the only one that sees them. These demons mean death or fear. Eventually, one thing leads to another and she ends up at Camp Half-blood, and finally, there's someone who sees what she sees...


1. Intro

Hey, my names Cira Evans. I'm 13 and most people consider me weird... well that's an understatement. I have wavey black hair with a light blond strip at the front. My eyes are my favourite though, Emerald green. ever since I was little I have been able to see...uh... demons.  I've seen many different ones, but there's one that really scares me. Oh look there she is now.

I was on my was to school (Juno's Academy for troubled kids) in the usual light denim jean's, red white and black checkerd shirt and grey beany. It was my favourite time of year; Autumn. the orange/red leaves littered the streets while the sky overhead was grey, making the leaves stand out. As I get to the big black gates of school I can already hear whispering. People think I'm weird because I see demons, They play with my mind. They kill a student in front of me brutally, but I blink and they're okay. Some small demons where playing in one of the trees to my right. I shake my head and continue to walk over to the school building, taking great interest in my black and white Nike high tops.

I hurry to my first class: Music. The class room is empty besides my best mate Allen.

"Hey Ci (Kai) how ya doing?" Allen had bright red hair and small groups of freckles on his cheeks. Nonody really Likes Allen, mostly because he hangs out with me, but also because he's crippled. Everyone sees him as shy and quiet, but he's actually the most outgoing person I've met. and He went to grab his crutches but I stopped him.
"Stay I'll come to you." I walked over and he gave me a bone crushing hug.
"Happy Birthday!" He exclaimed.

"Thanks." I smile and he gives me a sign to wait and reaches behind him and bought out a guitar.
"Oh my god!  I told you not to get anything!" I laughed.
"Nah, it was nothing. I chose the wood to make it and everything! plus my dad makes them" I took my black satchel of my shoulder and examined the guitar.


"Oh my god..." I whispered, "Thank you!" I jumped up and gave him a hug.
"it was nothing, but, you have to play it for me because I got you that. Oh! you have to sing too." I groaned. I love singing, but I hate doing it in front of people... My mom and Allen are the only ones who think I'm good at it.
"Okay but I need to tune-"
"No you don't I'll explain later." I gave him a confused look but started playing.

Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep,
Dreaming about the things that we could be,
But baby I've been, I've been praying hard,
Said no more counting dollars- we'll be counting stars
Yeah we'll be counting... Stars
*Guitar solo*

I feel this life like a swinging vine,
Swing me heart across the line,
In my face is flashing sign;
Seeking out what ye shall find

Old but I'm not that old'
Young but I'm not that bold,
I don't think the world is sold,
just doing what we're told,

*Allen Joins in with guitar*

I~I~II Feel something so wrong, doing the right thing,
I~I~II Feel something so right, doing the wrong thing,
couldn't lie, couldn't lie, couldn't lie,
But everything that Kills me makes me feel alive

Lately I've been, I've been losing sleep,
Dreaming about the thing that we could be,
But baby I've been. I've been praying hard,
Said no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars-

But Baby I've been, I've been Losing sleep,
Dreaming about the things that we could be,
But baby I've been, I've been praying hard,
Said no more counting dollars we'll be counting stars

"Talk about performance!" We gave each other a fist pump.
"That guitar really suits you!" Just then the bell rang, signalling classes to start.
"Aww man! Happy, happy fun times over!" I pouted like a six year old.
"Haha! You dork!" He ruffled my hair, causing me to giggle. Just then six other students walked in. They stopped there laughing and talking and glared at me. I just rolled my eyes. Just then my phone buzzed in my pocket.

To Miss Evans,

Please tell the class I will not be there and they can do what they want.

-Mr Harp

I groaned and showed Allen my phone.
"I'll do it." Allen stood up and clapped his hands, getting the attention of everyone in the room.
"Mr Harp has just informed me that he will not be in today. So we get to do what we like." Everyone just shrugged and went back to there conversations.
"Typical... anyway you were going to teach me that-" I stopped short because she was behind him. The lady. The devil. The evil devil lady. Her hair was black smoke along with her dress. Well come to think of it everything was black. If you stared into her eyes to long you relived a horrible memory. My breathing started quickening. No, not here! Not Now! Allen noticed my panicked state and put his hands on my harms.
"Hey, Hey! Look at me! It's okay, You're just seeing thi-" He didn't get to finish his sentence before she dug her claw into his back and pulled out his guts. Time slowed down as he fell to the floor and screamed.
"Allen!" I scream. He coughed up blood and tears streamed down his cheeks. I dropped to my knees and held his face in my hands.

"No, no, no! Not you! Not my Allen...."I cried. I looked back to were the lady was standing but she was gone.

"He-hey, Ci... It'll be okay alright..." He said, using his last breaths. I shook my head and he put his hand into his pocket and pulled out a card.

"Run Ci... Run and don't look back..." He smiled one last time and his eyes closed. I sobbed. I didn't care that everyone had left the room screaming. I picked up my new guitar and put it in the new case that was behind our chair. I slung it over my back and grabbed my satchel, running out the school. I looked down at the card;

Camp Half-Blood, Half-Blood Hill, Farm Road 3.141
Long Island, New York 11954

Camp Half-Blood? I had no idea why he wanted me to go there, but he wanted me to go there so I'll go there. Luckily this place wasn't to far. I began to run. After 10 minutes of running I could see demons popping out of no were. Tears streamed down my face.

"Go away! Please!" I continued to run until I finally found the place I was looking for. I saw on arch way at the top of the hill. I ran up the hill and I was about half way up the hill a twig snapped behind me. I stopped and spun round seeing a ton of demons, all staring at me.
"NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" I screamed. They began to step out from the trees. Some had there mouths stitched into smiles were some had there guts hanging from there stomach. but all of them had one thing in common; there eyes showed your worst nightmares.
"NO PLEASE!!!! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!! PLEASE?!?!?!" I slid to my knees and cried.  Just as I was about to give up hope a guy jumped over me and landed on his knees, stabbing his sword into the ground. The ground cracked beneath the demons feet, cauing them to fall into the earth. Before I could do anything I slipped into darkness...

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