Bad Boy Harry Styles

Alexandra Phoenix is a 19 year old girl who has a little brother called Cooper and a mum called Jane. She has a best friend called Holly and they've been best friends since yr 1. Alexandra and Holly come across a bad boy's group when they were walking out of starbucks.


1. Chapter One

'RING, RING, RING' I woke up to my phone ringing and it was only 8:30 in the morning, really, I picked up my phone from my bed side table and checked the ID, it was my best friend Holly, "Hey" I said sleepily, "Hey, I'm guessing I woke you up" she said laughing nervously, "Well guess what, ya did" I said laughing and rolling my eyes, "Oops haha" she laughed innocently, "Yeah don’t act all innocent with me woman" I said laughing, "Fine, well anyway do you want to go to Starbucks at 11:00 today" she said happily, "Yeah sure" I said smiling, "Ok great, I'll pick you up later I still need to have breakfast" she said laughing, "Ok great, I'll see you then" I said sitting up in my bed, "Yeah, bye" she said, "Bye" I said then we hung up, I put my phone on the charger and went to have a shower, when I finished I walked into my room and got changed, grabbed my phone off the charger then walked downstairs to the smell of pancakes, "Morning love" mum said smiling at me, "Morning mother and little Cooper" I said kissing my little brother on the cheek and sitting next to him, "Morning Alex" he giggled, I love my little brother, mum put the pancakes on a plate and put them in front of us, "Thanks mamma" I said eating, "Thanks mummy" Cooper said in his cute little voice, "Your welcome darlings" she said kissing us on the forehead, "Oh yeah mum, I'm going to Starbucks with Holly is that alright" I said with a mouthful of pancakes, "Yeah that’s fine, what time because I need you to look after Cooper while I do a few things" she said taking our plates and putting them in the sink, "11:00" I said checking my phone, it was only 9:15, "Oh well that’s alright then I won’t be too long" mum said grabbing her keys, "Ok" I said getting up off my seat and helping Cooper off, "Bye loves" mum said kissing our foreheads and walking to the door, "Bye mum" I said, "Bye mommy" Cooper said, then she waved at us and walked out the door, "So little Cooper what shall we do" I said picking him up, "Cars" he said holding his toy car, "Ok let’s play cars" I said smiling and putting him down, "Yaaaaay" he said running in circles, "We race cars" he said with his puppy eyes, "Yeah we can race the cars" I said sitting on the floor with Cooper next to me, "Ok ready set go" I said and we were crawling with the cars up to the couch, "Yaaaaay I win" he said jumping up and down, "Yeah you beat sissy" I said laughing sitting down, then he sat in my lap, "That was fun" he said looking up at me, "Yeah it was fun" I said ruffling his curly hair and he giggled, we just sat and played cars for a while, then we played some other games.


After a while my mum came through the door and put her bags on the kitchen table, "Hey mum" I said putting the toy cars in the box, "Mummy" Cooper said running over to mum and she picked him up, "Hi darlings" she said kissing him on the cheek and putting him down, I went to my room and in the bathroom to brush my teeth and put my hair in a bun, then I went back downstairs and sat on the couch waiting for Holly to come, Cooper came up to me, "Lap" he said wanting to sit on my lap, I picked him up and put him on my lap bouncing my knees up and down then he giggled and mum just laughed sitting on the couch next to me, I heard a car pull up outside and a car horn, Holly's here, "Oh mum Holly's here" I said putting Cooper on mums lap and kissing them on the cheek, "Ok bye love" mum said, "Bye sissy" Cooper said waving, "Bye" I said waving and walking out the door, I went to Holly's car opening the door and got inside, "Hey girl" I said shutting the door, "Hey lovely" she said smiling and starting the car and driving off to Starbucks.


When we got there we got out of the car and walking inside, after we got what we wanted we sat at a table and started drinking our coffee, we then finished and put our rubbish in the bin and walked outside, "Hey Alex look over there" Holly said pointing to where she was looking at, I looked and saw a group of boys with tattoos and piercings but one caught my eye, he has brown curly hair and green eyes, I kept staring until he noticed me looking at him and he smirked, If felt my cheeks turn red and I looked down, Holly nudged me and winked, the one with curly hair said something to the other boys and they looked at us, they started walked to where we were and me and Holly stood frozen, "Hello love, my names Harry" the curly one said to me, "Hi" I said still red and he chuckled, "This is Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn" Harry said pointing to all the boys, "Hi" Holly said looking at Niall, "Hello love" Niall said winking at Holly and she blushed, all the other guys waved at us and we waved back, "My names Alexandra but you can call me Alex and that’s Holly" I said smiling at the guys and they nodded, "So what are you girls doing" Harry said putting his arm around my waist, "Um we don’t know" Holly said blushing, "Well why don’t you hang with us" Louis said smiling, "Ok" me and Holly said feeling embarrassed, "Great lets go" Niall said and he put his arm around Holly's waist, then we started walking until we got to a private park and we sat down on the seats, "So is this where you boys come all the time" Holly said shyly, "Yeah we come here come here every day" Liam said smiling, "Great" I said smiling, I felt Harry's arm on my waist then he put his free hand on my thigh and he put his face near my neck then I felt him smelling it, "Mmmm you smell nice" he said rubbing my thigh, "I didnt know you smell people" I said turning red, that sounded so weird what I said, the guys cracked up laughing and Harry chuckled even Holly let out a laugh which made me laugh, "So girls how old are you" Liam said, "We're 19" I said smiling, "Cool, We're all 20, Louis' 21 and Harry's 19" Zayn said smiling, me and Holly nodded, everyone was talking to each other, Niall has his arm around Holly and she turned red, "So do you have any brothers or sisters" Harry said wrapping both arms around my waist, "I have a little brother called Cooper, he's 4" I said looking at him in the eyes, his eyes are so pretty, "Cool" he said nodding, "What’s the time someone" Louis said looking at all of us, "Its 4:30" Niall said looking at his phone, "Thanks" Louis said, "Shit I have to go home" I said standing up, "Yeah we gotta go home" Holly said standing up too, "Do you have to go now" Harry whined standing up and putting his hands on my waist, "Yes I do" I said smiling, "Well can I have your number" he said smiling and winking, "Uh yeah sure" I said and we gave each other our numbers, "Thanks love" he said smiling showing his dimples, I looked at Holly and Niall, they were exchanging numbers and then we gave each of the other guys our numbers and they gave us theirs, "Ok let’s go" Holly said, "Ok" I said and we hugged the boys, "Bye love" Harry said kissing my cheek, "Bye Harry" I said blushing and smiling, "Bye guys" me and Holly said waving, "Bye" they all said waving back and we got in Holly's car, then we drove off.


Then we got to my house, "Thanks Holly" I said getting out of the car, "No probs love" she said and we waved at each other then she drove off, I walked up the steps and opened the front door then walked inside, "Hello, I'm back" I said, "SISSY" Cooper screamed running up me and I picked him up, "I missed you" he pouted, "Coopy I missed you too" I cooed kissing his cheek and he giggled, then I put him down and he sat on the floor playing with his toy cars and I went to the kitchen where mum was making dinner, "Hey mama" I said kissing her cheek, "Hi love" she said smiling, "What’s for dinner" I said smiling, "Oh we're just gonna have some salad and chicken" she said smiling, "Yummy" I said and mum laughed, I went up to my room to have a shower, then got dressed in my pyjamas and laid down in bed until dinner was ready, then I heard my phone vibrate on my bed side table, picked it up and it was Harry.


To Alex from Harry

'Hello beautiful, do you and Holly want to come hang with me and guys tomorrow xx'


To Harry from Alex

'Yeah sure we would love to, what time xx'


To Alex from Harry

'Probably 12:00 xx'


To Harry from Alex

'Yeah that’s fine xx'


To Alex from Harry

'Great well I'll see you tomorrow then xx'


To Harry from Alex

'Yeah, ok bye xx'


To Alex from Harry

'Bye beautiful xx'


I blushed when he said that, I put my phone on my bed side table, "ALEX DINNER" mum yelled, "COMING" I yelled and walked out of my room then downstairs and sat at the table next to Cooper and started eating, me and mum were just talking about what I did today, but I didnt tell her about Harry and the guys, when I finished eating I got up and put my plate in the sink, "Mum I'm gonna go to bed, goodnight" I said kissing her on the cheek, "Alright love goodnight" she said smiling, "Night sissy" Cooper said smiling his cute little smile, "Goodnight Coopy" I said kissing him on the cheek then he giggled, I walked up stairs to my room then went in the bathroom to brush my teeth, when I was done I walked into my room and checked my phone and I saw that I had a message from Harry.


To Alex from Harry

'Night beautiful xxx'


To Harry from Alex

'Night Harry xxx'


Harrys so sweet, I think I'm starting to like him, I put my phone on my bed side table and got in my bed and under the blankets falling asleep thinking about Harry.


Heres my new story:) hope you like it


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