Bad Boy Harry Styles

Alexandra Phoenix is a 19 year old girl who has a little brother called Cooper and a mum called Jane. She has a best friend called Holly and they've been best friends since yr 1. Alexandra and Holly come across a bad boy's group when they were walking out of starbucks.


4. Chapter Four

We got to his house and walked inside, I saw the guys and Holly sitting on the couches,


"Hey guys" me and Harry said together, they turned to look at us,


"Hey" they said,


"Well its 6:00 now, so let’s get ready" Liam said putting his phone in his pocket, me, Holly and the guys went to get ready, I put on a tight white dress, just above the thighs and some black pumps, Holly came out of the bathroom wearing a tight red dress and black pumps, we did our make up and walked downstairs,


"We're ready" we said, the guys turned around and their mouths dropped, we laughed, Harry came up to me and kissed my cheek,


"You look absolutely beautiful" he said, I blushed,


"You don’t look to bad yourself" I giggled kissing his cheek,


"Well lets go then" Liam said and we walked out the door and into Liam’s car, me and Harry went in his car and the rest went in Louis' car, we are on are way the club, I just hope nothing goes wrong.

another chapter!!!!!! sorry its short:)


enjoy!!!! :)

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