My brothers friend

My name is Ella Tomlinson yes that's right Tomlinson as in Louis Tomlinson's little sister, " you know it's been three years since they came third in the X factor and I still haven't met his friends or seen him since he left Yeah I miss him but its not like he's going to walk right through that door" I said to my best friend Scarlett. She likes Harry and its kind off weird because my best friend likes my big brothers best friend ( he is older than me by two years I'm 19 )


1. Intro

A/N well you kind off already heard the start so I will just go from here hope you like

it's weird because my best friend likes my big brothers best friend. 

" so as I was saying its not like Louis And his band Mates are just going to walk through that door " I repeated to Scarlett because last time she was in dream land ( probably thinking about Harry )

      LOUIS'S POV ( point of view )

   " i can't believe we are going to see my little sister again she was only... I think 17 or 16 she is probably all grown up " I the said to the lads still excited out of my mind

" I can't wait either " Zayn replied happily 

            ZAYN'S POV

     We walked up the stairs to the porch and Louis opened the door as soon as he did I saw this gorgeous girl with blue eyes and brown hair with blond streaks, she looked up at me and smiled I saw Louis walk over to her and give her a hug and kiss her on the cheek I thought that must of been his sister. I walked over to her and introduced my self

" hi nice to meet you I'm Zayn "

" nice you too I'm Ella " she said with a amazing voice

" a lovely name for a lovely girl " I said smiling I gave her a wink and she blushed I got a protective glare from Louis but I just brushed it off. 


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