My life changer

Austin Mahone Fanfic.


2. My typical day

*Monday morning*
I woke up at 7:30 to the sound of my alarm. It was my favourite song called 'Little me'. I turned it off and rolled out of bed. I got in the shower and washed my hair. I put my make up on while the towel wrapped my hair up on my head. I didn't put a lot of make up on because I don't really like it but Rose won't let me leave the house without it. Next I did my hair in a side plait. It hung just over my shoulder. I walked into my closet and wore this outfit. I put my jacket in my bag because Rose would kill me if she saw me wear it because she hates the fact that animals get killed for clothes, and stuff like that. I walked down stairs to see Rose cooking pancakes. "Rose, I love you but seriously you can't cook and the whole world knows it" I told her as nicely as I could. "I can cook, just, not very well" we both laughed when she said that. I forced down the half cooked pancakes and I could see Rose do the same. I cleared the dishes and waited for Rose to drive me to school.
*Skipping school day*
I walked home from school that day because Rose had to work late that day. I was glad when she had to work late because I had the whole house to myself. When I got inside, I went into the bathroom and did what not a lot of people wouldn't think I would do. I cut my wrists. I went over the old scars with the razor until I saw blood. I washed the blade and my wrists. I got a pair long pjs on and cried my self to sleep

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