my epic love story

This is my love story beginning in sixth grade, i know that might be a little early so a love story but this actually happened and many of you may start to understand me a lot better. I won't use real names, of course but names that are close to the real name. this is my epic love story and it involves heartbreak and betrayal but right now i think things are going okay, unless my current boyfriend is cheating on me, which i don't think he is. i dont really know, just read to find out


1. sixth grade: Shaun

Everything started on December 19, when Shaun asked me out. he was my first boyfriend so i really didn't know what to expect with a boyfriend. We texted all the time, sometimes until 4 am, now this was easy to do because we started to date around Christmas break. He would say sweet stuff to me on the phone. i will show you one of our conversations

Shaun: I don't think i could imagine a world without you in my life, i didn't think i could meet a girl like you, your so different and i like that about you

Me: aw your so sweet, how did i end up with a guy like you, I'm so lucky to have you in my life

Shaun: can i tell you something? something i have been wanting to tell you for a long time

Me: Yea of course, you can say anything to me

Shaun: I love you

Me: I love you too Shaun

that was my first 'i love you', and when i read that my heart skipped a beat, because i truly thought i loved him at the time. A couple of days after that conversation everything went deeper, our talks became more intense and the more i fell in love with him. I thought he was the one. Our Christmas break was filled with i love you's and love. In January after we got back i thought things were going to be different, that he would be closer to me. god was i wrong. When we got back he was more distant. I asked him what was up one day and he responded with this

Shaun: Cas, you know i love you, and everything i've ever told you has been true but i don't feel comfortable being near you when you know how i feel about you. it's not your fault, I'm just weird like that

At the time i could understand that, i felt awkward being near him but as the relationship grew he became more distant. On January 25, i had my first kiss.

Now first kisses are suppose to happen romantically right, with the guy making the first move and having the advantage of being taller right? Wrong. for my first kiss i has to make the first move and he was actually shorter than me. This all happened during the school dance. it was my first dance and i was pretty excited about it. i wore a dress and some flats, which was a big mistake because i danced like a crazy person on drugs, which meant twerking, all hell was raised.  yup, that night was crazy. so in the middle of the dance a slow song came on and Shaun asked me to dance with him. it was a little awkward dancing with him because he was an inch or two shorter than me. but he tried to be taller for me. when he did i laughed. i didn't think i could find someone so perfect. i looked at him. his eyes wondered around the room, as if he was avoiding making eye contact with me (his excuse for that was he couldn't look at people who were especially beautiful, and that i was over especially beautiful, that i was like a angel, which right there i knew was a lie) after the song ended i held my arms out for him, like i did when i wanted a hug, but i kissed him instead. and i guess he was prepared for the kiss. now my first kiss wasn't the best, very sloppery, but it was a kiss. i had been dreaming of my first kiss since i was in fourth grade. but i didn't imagine it would feel like that, so soft and wet. i loved it. After the kiss we didn't really talk at the dance (months later i realized what song was playing while the kiss happened, it was freaking JUSTIN BEIBER! -.- AND THE SONG WAS BABY! LIKE REALLY BABY? UGH). after the dance we didn't really talk except for texting, and we texted each other like 24/7. now here's where things get complicated

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