"Overcoming Obstacles."

Being Harry's sister is hard. Me and him have been through so much! But we always stayed by each other's side and he's very protective of me because of what happened in the past. But what happens when I get to go on tour with him and fall in love with a cheeky Australian boy? Will Harry not let us be together or will he overcome what happened in the past and let us be happy together?


16. "Going Away."

Charlotte's POV 

   I sat up in my bed and looked at the clock. It was 4am in the morning. I had to get out of here before everyone woke up. I went to the bathroom and put my hair in a bun. I got dressed and put it all in my bag. Now I needed money for a plan ticket and cab. I went out of my room and tip toed to the kitchen. I grabbed harry's coat and grabbed his wallet. I got some money out and went back to my room. I grabbed my phone and bag and walked out of our hotel room. I opened my room and called a cab. I went down to the lobby and sat in the chair to wait for the cab. I opened my phone and text Ashton a message. Then someone tapped my shoulder it was my cab driver. 

"Right this way miss." 

   I grabbed my bag for me and walked me to the cab. He got in the drivers sit and started it up. He then asked me 

"Where we going?" 

"The Airport please." I said. 

   He got on the high-way and headed to the airport. We got there and he got out to get my bag. I got out and he headed my bag to me. 


"Your Welcome! Have a safe flight!" 

   I walked in and went to the counter. The airport was really dead, but I guess thats a good thing. Then the girl said 


"Hello! I would like a ticket on the next plane to England." 

"Ok! Great timing by the way! The next plane will be in in about 30 minutes." She said handing me the ticket. 


   I looked at the ticket and I had to go to section C. I walked all the way and sat down in a chair. Well This was fun while it lasted. But now I must go. 

Ashton's POV

   I woke up to the birds singing outside. I grabbed my phone and I had a message from Charlotte. Thats odd. I opened it up and it said 

"Hi Ashton. When you wake up today I won't be there. I went to the airport and went away. I couldn't take it anymore. You know I love you with all my heart right? Please don't come look for me. I went somewhere that you don't know about. I just thought I should say my last goodbye to you." 

   Reading that message tour my heart into too. My hands went into fists and my face went red. I pushed my door open and walked into the living room. 

"You don't look so good." Luke said. 

   I walked straight over to Harry and pushed my phone to him and said 

"Look what you fucking did!!" 

    He gave my a weird look and then took my phone. He opened the text and looked straight in my eyes. He started to cry and Louis said 
"What happened?" 

"Charlotte. She ummm she went away. She left." Harry said. 

'I loved her so much. Now shes gone!" I said crying. 

   I sat down next to Harry and covered my eyes and cried. A few minutes later Harry got up from the couch and said 

"Ashton I think I know where she went." 

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