The story of a wallflower trying to fit in.


1. Beginnings


       Trying to fit in is hard. There's so many social classes that you can fall into. The populars , The ratchets, The Asians, The white chicks, The ghettos. But sometimes there's someone like me. The person who just is there, is friends like everyone but doesn't really belong to a group. Its almost that I have friends but they have better friends. I'm just that girl sitting by the wall like a flower. Don't get me wrong I do have friends, But my friends are all in different social classes so I can go from the ratchets to the populars. Its like I'm meant to be alone. But them when I least expect it someone actually invites me in, someone wants to hang out with me and love me, but after I think its something special its not. He's just a good friend now, but us were wallflowers. I'm not a good dancer and I don't really like high of myself around other girls but when it comes to other wallflowers I can suddenly be me. Un like other people I don't care about the social class! I don't care about fitting it! All I care about is being who I am, and being a DREAMER.

       But even know I'm Ok with being a wallflower sometimes things get difficult. Things happen like starting to talk to a guy who is way popular then you. We get to know each other and I fall for him, but I step back and think does he really like me or is this just a prank, what does his friends think of me. Its hard. Things get rough. But the good thing about being a wallflower is you learn to go for things you want. You learn to not care what other people think. You learn to just jump and know someone will catch you. You learn being a wallflower is actually kind of fun.


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