Niall's Child

Nicole and Niall broke up with each other two years ago... But as soon as they broke up, Nicole found out that she was pregnant with a child. Niall Horan's child. If Niall finds Nicole with a young boy that looks exactly like him, how would he react?


8. When One Direction Met Theo

Niall's P.O.V. 

When we arrived at our office, I just picked Theo up again. I didn't want to wake him up. He was too adorable. 

I took his toy bag and walked into the building. 

Harry, Zayn, and Louis were there. 

Harry said, "Hey, Niall. Liam's not here yet, so we can't start. Who's that in your arms?" 

I whispered, "Theo. I have to look after him today because Nikki's busy." 

Louis grinned as he stared at Theo. 

"Awww, he's so adorable! Can I hold him?" 

I said, "I don't want to wake him up. Wait until he wakes up." 

Louis nodded.

Suddenly, the door flew open. 

Liam said, loudly, "I'm here, guys! Sorry I'm late!"

Theo woke up suddenly and burst into tears. He seemed to have been surprised. 

I said, walking around, "Theo, Daddy's right here... Don't worry.... It was just Liam." 

Liam seemed to realize that he did something wrong. He said, staying where he was,

"Who is that kid?"

Harry told him, "He's Niall's kid. Theo. And you woke him up and made him cry." 

Liam said, looking embarrassed and ashamed, 

"Sorry, Niall... I didn't know." 

I said, "It's alright, Liam... I just have to calm Theo down." 

Theo stopped crying after a while. 

I said, "Theo, do you want to meet the people who Daddy work with?"

Theo nodded, clearing his tears away. 

I went in front of Harry. 

"Theo, this is Harry. Harry Styles. He is very famous." 

Harry said, "Hi, Theo... Nice to meet you." 

Theo said, "Do you have a girlfriend?" 

Harry said, looking stunned, "Er, I don't. I used to, but not at the moment." 

I laughed. 

"Theo, don't ask questions like that." 

I turned to Zayn. 

"This is Zayn. Zayn Malik. Don't ask questions like that to him, okay?" 

Theo nodded. 

"Okay, Daddy. But he looks like the guy on T.V." 

Zayn said, "That's probably because that was me. I go on T.V. sometimes..." 

Theo gazed at him. 


I showed him to Louis. Theo seemed to like him very much. When I showed him to Liam, Theo looked at Liam from head to toe. 

He said, "Are you that Liam Payne guy from One Direction?" 

Liam nodded, laughing. 


Theo gazed at Liam. 

"I saw you on You Tube! One of my babysitters, Laura, has a total crush on you. She watches any video that you are in!"

Liam smiled. 

"Your babysitter is very funny." 

Theo said, "She is!" 

I hoped that Theo liked the other members of One Direction. I wasn't going to find another group to sing in. 

I let Theo play with them for a while. 

I called Nikki again. She told me that she was glad that Theo liked Liam, Zayn, Harry, and Louis. But she told me to make sure that Theo was happy and safe. 

I just told her that I was a beginner for being a dad but was doing my best to be a great one. 

She just laughed. 

I wondered if I should pull myself into Nikki.  She was too sweet. 

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