Niall's Child

Nicole and Niall broke up with each other two years ago... But as soon as they broke up, Nicole found out that she was pregnant with a child. Niall Horan's child. If Niall finds Nicole with a young boy that looks exactly like him, how would he react?


1. Bad Dream

Nicole's P.O.V. 

I was washing the dinner dishes when I heard a cry. I ran to my son's room. 

He was tossing and turning. 

I took him out of his crib and brushed his hair. I hoped he was okay. 

I asked, "Are you okay, Theo? Bad dream?" 

Theo had tears all over his face. I wiped some off with my shirt sleeve. 

"Mommy, monsters! They were after me!" 

I patted him. 

"Theo, it was only a dream! There are no monsters... You are such a imaginative boy..." 

Theo sniffled. 

"Can I sleep with you, Mommy?" 

I sighed. 

"Theo, Mommy has to wash the dishes. Why don't you try falling asleep? Mommy will tell you a story!" 

Theo didn't seem so happy, but he nodded approvingly. 

"Okay, Mommy..." 

I told him the story of Harry Potter. I changed some details, but Theo loved the stories of Harry Potter. 

He fell asleep after thirty minutes or so. I put him back in his crib and walked back to the kitchen. I thought about Theo's father, Niall. Niall Horan. 

My son's name was Theodore Niall Horan. I had fallen in love with Niall years ago. But right after we broke up, I had found out that I was pregnant with Niall Horan's child. 

Niall was two now. He was such a cute little boy... 

Theo resembled his father so much, I sometimes wished that Niall would come to see his son. 

After I was done with the dishes, I took a shower and went into Theo's room. Luckily, he was sound asleep peacefully. 

I kissed Theo and went to my bed and fell asleep. 

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