Arms (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

What if you started as a simple person with a simple life? Same boring routine everyday, same people to face day in and day out. Nothing exciting ever happened. That is until you took the leap and tried something out of your comfort zone.

Ashton Harrell is an eighteen year old girl with big plans. She's always loved singing and felt as though she belonged on a stage surrounded by people who love music as much as she. But things weren't always in her favor, that is until she tried out for a huge television show called the X Factor.

Throughout her experience she faces hurdles she must overcome. After all she didn't come here for nothing and she wasn't going to let anything, or anyone, distract her, even if the largest pop icon Harry Styles had his eye on her.


3. Chapter 3

I walked off the stage feeling like the queen of England. I wish I could've stayed and gotten to know the judges but sadly the crew had to prepare for the next contestant. I hurried off backstage waving to One Direction and the judges. Once I was back I was attacked by my mother. She latched onto me, showering my face with kisses and murmuring words of praise. I hugged her back with great force and we just stood their for a few minutes not saying anything. 

"I'm so proud of you" she kept repeating over and over. And I knew it too, I was proud of myself. Just think, I was a normal senior in a small town no one knew about and now I was on television singing and finding myself in situations I thought were impossible for someone like me. 

We walked hand in hand together out to the waiting room where the other contestants waited anxiously. They all looked at me expectantly and Ray came up to me, his face full of interest. I chuckled and nodded, making everyone cheer in the room. Ray hugged me into his strong arms and fit body. I must admit he was quite the looker. I pulled away and was congratulated by multiple people. One girl came up to me introduced herself as Charlie. She was really sweet and had hair the color of melted butter. My mother had to go check us out and find out the information on what to do next so Ray, Charlie and I sat talking to pass the time. 

"What was it like?" Ray asked

"It was nerve wracking but as soon as I started singing I felt like I was on top of the world" I replied making him chuckle in response. 

"And how harsh are the judges?" Charlie asked with Ray shaking his head as if telling me to continue. 

"Well Kelly and Demi are real kind and make you feel comfortable on stage. Paulina is quiet and Simon looks grumpy but he really isn't. Really he's a big sweetheart. And the guest judges -" I was cut off by Charlie

"Guest Judges?! Who?" she eagerly asked. 

"One Direction. They were a real laugh. I think Simon said something about them mentoring one of the groups this year" I rambled on but stopped as Charlie squealed. 

"Oh my god One Direction are in there? Holy shit holy shit holy shit!" she raved bouncing from her seat. Ray and I laughed at her behavior. 

"Hey, I don't think I got your number. You know, in case we both get in" Ray slyly said smirking at me. I rolled my eyes playfully at his forwardness but never the less handed my phone over to the goofball. immediately after he was done Charlie put her contact in and handed it back to me. I had two new friends and their numbers. That was a big accomplishment on my part since back home I only really hung out with Val. Saying I was socially awkward was an understatement. And bonus points for one being an extremely hot guy that was my age. Talk about a stroke of luck today! 

My mother came back and informed me that I'll be staying at one of the judges houses if I make it to the next round which was in Vegas. The show was paying for everyone's plane tickets and hotel rooms so all we had to do was show up tonight at midnight to board the flight. I know, it's really late but I guess I could always sleep on the way there. We were traveling with everyone else who made it through so I prayed Ray and Charlie would go through so I could chat with my newly found friends. 

I bid farewell to Ray and Charlie telling them good luck before my mom and I went out around South Carolina to go shopping. I never really got to do these kinds of things with my mother much anymore since I was a senior and had a busy schedule. I was really looking forward to going with her. 




Two hours and a dozen new outfits later it was eleven o' clock. My mother and I packed our new goodies into our suit cases and drove to the airport. I took this time to call Val and update her on what was going on. I was almost certain that even if she wouldn't show it, she'd be down about me staying away from home for longer. Maybe I could arrange for her to come visit me before I go into the intense rounds. 

I found Val's contact and dialed her up, waiting two rings before she finally picked up with a groggy "Hello?" I forgot that it was late at night and that she probably would be sleeping but then I thought about how angry she'd be if I didn't keep her in touch with everything as soon as possible. 

"Hey, I got in. I'm taking a flight down to Vegas in about an hour" I inform her. There was no response right away as I predicted. Val was a really hard girl to understand. Sometimes she's the happiest and most outgoing girl in town and other times she timid and wary. 

"Oh, that's great Ash. It's really late so I'll talk to you tomorrow okay?" 

"Alright. Love you Val" I reply

"Love you too Ash. And congrats" she said.

"Thanks bye" I hung up and stuffed my phone into my back pocket. I probably should charge it but I can't be bothered to reach up front to get the charger. I make a mental note to plug it in on the plane. My mother had some seventies song on that I wasn't familiar with so I focused on what was going on outside my window. It was raining lightly now, a big contrast to the sunny weather I witnessed when I first came here.

I stretched my neck, which was getting stiff from resting on the window and noticed the airport up ahead. I couldn't help but wonder if Charlie or Ray got through. Neither had texted me and I was growing curious. Oh well. I'll find out soon enough. 

My mother and I made out way to our gate and checked in. I saw some familiar faces from the waiting room toady and some of them smiled at me or waved but I didn't see Ray or Charlie anywhere. My heart drops at the thought of them being sent home and for a moment I panic because I had finally managed to make some friends and they didn't make it through. 

I gave up looking and plopped into my seat next to this old man beside me. He was quietly reading a book and I sighed. I couldn't make new friends no matter how hard I would try. I pulled my phone out and scrolled through my twitter, gasping at all the new followers and mentions I had received. Some people must really love the X Factor if they find the people who auditioned and follow them, not that I was complaining or anything. I was in shock honestly and it made my heart soar to see some of the supportive tweets from people I've never even met.


"@ThoseDemiFeelsMan: wow, blown away by @AshHarrell 's talent. I know who I want to win this year!"

Then I saw some really funny ones that made me chuckled to myself 

"@Showmethe1D: is it just me or did anyone else see Lou and Niall dancing to @AshHarrell 's song. Let me remind you that it was a SLOW song. oh god poor Ashton :D"

"@Zarryxxlove: It seems like our little Hazza has a crush on @AshHarrell ! Did you see the way he was gazing at her? I ship it #Asharry" 

The second one make me cackle loudly, making the old man beside me jump and glare at me for disturbing his reading. I shrugged it off and continued scrolling, following some accounts and favoriting some tweets. I even retweeted the one about me and Harry. Although one in particular caught my attention. 

"@HarryStyles: Wow, so nice to meet @AshHarrell today at X Factor auditions. Such a lovely girl with a talented voice. xx"

I reread it over and over again. He even added x's on the tweet resulting in a strange feeling make its way to the pit of my stomach. He was really sweet and I pleasantly surprised by his tweet. I quickly replied making sure his nice tweet wouldn't go unnoticed.

"@AshHarrell: @HarryStyles Thank you so much Hazza! So great to meet you. You and the other lads are lovely -but mostly you(;- xo 

I hit the send button and loads of new tweets came in within seconds. Some were bitter about my apparent "flirting" with Harry but I simply viewed its as very forward hospitality. Give or take. 

I was torn front my phone when I felt someone envelope me into a hug from the back. I glanced back to see Ray followed by Charlie, their faces wide with smiles. I jumped up giving them each a hug before inviting them to sit with me and wait to board the flight. 

"Where the hell were you two? I thought you left me" I teased giggling a bit. 

"We went to go get Starbucks and the line was long. Sorry Ash" Charlie shrugged. Ray offered me a sip of his pumpkin spice latte and I graciously accepted. I needed something to quench my thirst. Ray and I were awfully close even though we just met each other. I guess we were just close naturally .

A new notification dinged on my phone and I saw it was from twitter. I opened the app again and saw that the other boys from One Direction had mentioned me in a tweet as well as Harry replying back to me. I smiled at Niall, Liam, Zayn and Louis' tweets. 

"@LouisTomlinson: What a lovely girl! Thanks for letting me and Niall show you our dance moves today @AshHarrell. Can't wait to chat again x:)"

"@Real_Liam_Payne: Thank youuuu for coming to auditions todayyy @AshHarrell it was niceee to chat a bit with ya! The boysss and I will seeeee ya in Vegassssss! xx"

"@NiallOfficial: Loved chattin wit @AshHarrell today! Gorgeous sweet gal wit a set of pipes! We should duet sometime! ha ha ! x"

"@ZaynMalik1D: @AshHarrell is purely amazing. Loved hearing ya rock out today :-)xx"

I retweeted all of them and sent out a generic tweet of thanks the back instead of replying to each one before seeing Harry's new tweet. 

"@HarryStyles: Haha that's very true. We should meet up when we arrive at Vegas and get some coffee or something ;) x"

I was surprised at his blunt actions but couldn't deny that coffee with Harry sounded pleasant. 

Soon everyone was settled in the plane and we were taking off to Vegas. I was bubbling with excitement and nervousness but mostly excitement. My mind constantly wandered back the Harry's and I's conversation. He was really a little romantic bugger wasn't he. I was looking forward to it nevertheless. I sat back and tried to sleep a bit before we arrived in Vegas and found myself instantly  snoring. I was living the dream already, and I could tell it would only go up from here. 


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