Arms (Harry Styles Fanfiction)

I hope that you see right through my walls

I hope that you catch me 'cause I'm already falling

I'll never let a love get so close

You put your arms around me and I'm home

What if you started as a simple person with a simple life? Same boring routine everyday, same people to face day in and day out. Nothing exciting ever happened. That is until you took the leap and tried something out of your comfort zone.

Ashton Harrell is an eighteen year old girl with big plans. She's always loved singing and felt as though she belonged on a stage surrounded by people who love music as much as she. But things weren't always in her favor, that is until she tried out for a huge television show called the X Factor.

Throughout her experience she faces hurdles she must overcome. After all she didn't come here for nothing and she wasn't going to let anything, or anyone, distract her, even if the largest pop icon Harry Styles had his eye on her.


11. Chapter 11


“Hello?” I say nervously into the phone. Why was he calling me? I mean, not that I was complaining or anything.


“Hey Ash. It’s uh, Harry” he said awkwardly. I chuckled.


“Yeah, I know”

It was silent on the other end of the line for a bout a minute. I was unsure if he was waiting for me to say something or if he was just nervous. I cleared my throat and decided to just break the silence.


“So uh, whatcha want?” I said trying not to sound rude.


“Oh yea” he said, “ Well the lads and I are going to a club tonight before we head to LA tomorrow and well I wanted to see if you and Valerie wanted to join us” he stated. I thought about it, going clubbing with One Direction did sound more interesting than being cooped up in the hotel room all night.


“That sounds great, we’ll be there” I said smiling. I heard him sigh on the other line making me giggling slightly to myself.


“Great that’s awesome, err well I’ll, uh, be over with the boys in an hour or so” he said. I agreed and hung up after rushing into the kitchen to find Valerie snacking on some chips scrolling on her phone.


“What’s up?” she asked


“We’re going clubbing tonight with One Direction! Now get off your lazy arse. We have an hour to get ready” I say pulling her up and running into the bedroom with Valerie right behind me.


“Really? We what are we waiting for!” Val said immediately hopping into the shower while I began to curl my hair into perfect brunette ringlets. Once I was finished I applied some makeup and changed into a cream colored dress that came up to my knees complete with a gorgeous lace bow tied around my waist.


Val ran out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel going through her dresses. Finally she settled on a sweet black cocktail dress that suited her figure well. She then started blow drying and straightening her hair. I checked my outfit, hair and makeup once more before deciding I was ready to go party. And the One Direction boys will be there as well so I’m guessing things will get a bit out of control.


Val emerged from the bedroom looking gorgeous and we both had five minutes to spare before Harry said he’d be here. We chatted together excitedly since it was both our first time clubbing in Vegas. We don’t have any big clubs in Connecticut so I was both anxious and excited to see what it was like.

I heard a distinct knocking on the door, immediately going to open it no doubt it being Harry. I was met with the tall handsome curly haired boy dressed in some tan chinos and a plain black tee shirt. Holy wow he was giving me breathing problems. The shirt was tight on torso so I could see every single line and crevice on his fit upper body. Shit...

"Hey Ashton" he greeted nodding my way then to Valerie. "Hi Valerie" 

"Sup Harry" she said grabbing both mine and her purses handing me it then fist bumping Harry. I rolled my eyes and saw Harry leaning in to hug me. I hugged him back tightly longer than I probably should have, Val smirking at me but whatever. I wasn't complaining. 

"Well we'd better get going. The boys are outside the hotel in the limo" he aid nonchalantly. I gasped. 

"A limo?" 

"Yeah" he replied heading out, Val and I following. I was going to be in a limo with One Direction heading to a real life club. This sort of thing usually doesn't happen to a girl from Bolton Connecticut. 

Once we were in the car all the boys' eyes were on Val and I. I shifted uncomfortably in my seat not realizing I was inching my way closer to Harry who was sat to the right of me. His eyes widened, obviously noticing me coming closer. He then plastered that same smirk on his face and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. Wow, what a cliche move Styles... 

"Hello boys. Thanks for inviting us" I said smiling.

"No problem" Liam said. "Harry was the one who suggested it" 

I couldn't help the blush from creeping onto my face. I was so embarrassing oh gosh. 

"Oh guys, Dani and El are gonna meet us there" Louis said immersed in his phone probably texting his sweetheart El. I was happy that I'd get to see Eleanor again and hopefully meet this Dani girl whoever she was. 

'Who's Dani?" I asked. 

"My girlfriend" Liam spoke, me nodding. No doubt this Dani would be extremely attractive and everything I'm not just like Eleanor was. I mean obviously these boys would have models for girlfriends. I mean I knew Perrie Edwards was Zayn's girlfriend and she was gorgeous. She actually was one of my woman crushes. 

"What?" Zayn asked, an amused smile on his face.

Poo did I just say that out loud?

"Oh um nothing...?" I said, it coming out more as a question than a statement. 

"Perrie is your woman crush?" Harry teased rubbing my arm with his huge warm hands. I blushed furiously. I am so stupid. 

"Well...uh I think so?" I said awkwardly burying my head into my hands, my cheeks still pink with embarrassment. Everyone in the car started laughing at me as I slumped down even farther. I guess I'm just naturally an awkward person. 

"It's okay Ashton. Don't be embarrassed. Niall is my man crush" Louis joked making me giggle. At least they could joke about it and it wouldn't be awkward. 




"Woah this place is...loud" I shout over the blaring music filling the room. Multiple sweaty bodies push past me heading over to the dance floor lit up with all different kinds of colored strobe lights. I clutched onto Val for dear life not wanting to get separated from the group. 

"There's El and Dani!" Liam said pointing to El who was wearing a gorgeous sparkly black dress and a tan skinned girl beside her with long curly hair and a beautiful figure. That obviously was Dani. Wow she must be a model or something just like Eleanor. What is with these stunning girls having hot superstar boyfriends? I just feel like an ugly duck compared to them. Even Val looked hot and I could see Niall starring at her every once in a while. 

We walked over to the girls, me introducing myself and Val to Dani. She seemed really sweet and I knew we'd get along just fine. It was great to see Eleanor again since I havn't seen her since the shopping propaganda. 

"Hey Ashton! What's up" she asked in a friendly voice. 

"Not much, I've never been to such a noisy place before! This is crazy!" I say, El giggling at me. 

"You get used to it. Well I have to go find Lou. I think he went to go get some drinks. Meet me on the dance floor later!" she shouted as she ran away obviously in a hurry to see Lou. 

Liam and Dani also went their own ways as well as Zayn and Niall who were getting everyone some shots. I've never had alcohol before since it was illegal to drink under the age of 21 in the United States but one couldn't hurt right? 

Harry stood right beside me, closing all possible space between us. He sure was clingy tonight. I wonder why? Maybe he knew how crazy it could get here. I was confused on why he wasn't dancing with other girls or flirting like he normally would but hey I'm not complaining. 

Valerie left a minute later saying she had to quote "Find some hot guys to grind on" making me roll my eyes and Harry chuckle. So then there were two... 

"This is crazy" I shout loud enough so Harry could here me over the music blaring. He nodded in agreement. 

"You get used to it. Oh there's Zayn and Niall with the drinks" he said pointing to the two boys with four glasses in their hands. Zayn looks fine but I could tell Niall is getting tipsy. He is focusing hard on his feet and his face is that of a tomato. He giggle at him and Harry just rolls his eyes. 

"Typical Niall" he says. I smile and graciously take a drink from Zayn as Harry takes one from Niall. 

"So what is this?" I ask curiously. 

"It's called the Mind Eraser. Its vodka and liqueur" Niall slurs. 

"It's good. Try it" Zayn said immediately downing his shot without difficulty. Harry doing the same after him. I stood there awkwardly, debating on whether I should drink the clear liquid in the tiny glass. Glancing at Zayn, then Niall and then to Harry I shrugged and let the drink slide down my throat. 

I instantly felt a burning sensation making me want to gag but I swallowed it not wanting to look lame in front of the guys. My eyes started watering as I took in the air around me trying to stop the burning in the back of my throat. 

"Wow, you're a natural" Niall said before downing the little glass in his hand. Harry smiled as he led me to the bar. I mean that wasn't so bad...what's wrong with one more drink; It couldn't hurt right? 



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