1. Holding it together

The atmosphere around me is giving me the impression that i am unwanted, unliked no one says it but i can feel it all around me. I can't think, my emotions are running wild around inside my head. They won't stop on one emotion. my eyes slowly make their way around this big empty room, I am the only thing in this room that i know of.I'm sitting here trying to keep myself together. the equipment that is in the other room in front of me is reminding me of what my life used to be like. As my eyes full with tears, with one single blink they are released all at once. it's like they have been building up within me for days maybe even months now. I try pull myself together but I can't. My body is telling me to release all theres tears all the sadness that has been built up within me for ages now. But my mind is saying come on you can do it, people will ask why you have been crying. After awhile i wipe away the tears that are still running down my face. I stand up and tell myself that I am stronger than this and I can get through anything...

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