Mermaid secret

Locus: say you'll go our with me!!
Winter: let go!!!!
Locus: say it!!!
Winter:no!!!!! Locus slapped her the punched her the he tied her up and typed her mouth the took her to the basement.


13. chapter: new waters 2

Winter just keep swimming till she so land not to far away from manko island when the coast was clear she turned into a human and ran she just ran and never looked back she kept running and running and running she was running so fast no one could catch her. Till she ran into a guy he had green eyes and curly hair his name was Harry she knew his because 1569931 girls were screaming it.

Harry: hello miss I'm Harry

Winter: hello Harry I don't carry bye

Harry: wait what? You like no girl I've ever seen

Winter: I don't hang with attention hog's like you bye

Harry wait! who are you?

Winter: why dose it matter to you?

Harry: I just want to know yeash?

Winter: it's winter

Harry: thats beautiful

Winter: I got to go I'm running from……

Harry: from who?

Winter: every one!

Winter ran and ran and ran

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