Mermaid secret

Locus: say you'll go our with me!!
Winter: let go!!!!
Locus: say it!!!
Winter:no!!!!! Locus slapped her the punched her the he tied her up and typed her mouth the took her to the basement.


6. chapter: girl friend or friend

Locus took her to his house and help her adjust to our world because she forgot everything of being human. He teached her how to do a lot of things so she wouldn't stick out as the weird girl.

Locus : I'm sorry about everything I did yesterday I was just mad about something but it's nothing

Winter: it's ok

Locus : your the best

Winter and Locus's eyes met they where staring at each other till Locus's soft pink lips met her's .

Locus: i-I was I-I mean.....

Winter: it's ok locus I'm not mad. Now I'm hungry let's get some pizza .

Locus: yeah let's do that

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