My Paradise

Hi,I'm Sarah Styles I'm 16 now. My mother died really young fighting for our country. I am secretly in love with my fathers band mate Liam Payne. Will it work out or is Sarah to young and childish for him?
Read to find out!!!


16. ★

 "Sarah?",Aunt Eleanor asks me. I direct my attention to her and groan,"Yes?" She sighs and hands me a pair of black Vans. "Try them on.",she commands. I slip them on and smile. "I love them.",I say. "I wish you wouldn't wear a pair of Vans with a dress.",she says. I ignore her and walk up to a familiar face. "Liam.",I whisper to myself. "Oh lord. It's an old poster.",Eleanor says. "I want it.",I say not giving it another thought. She stares at me with disbelief. "Alright.",she says and takes it and walks off to an expensive rack of clothes.  I spot a black sweater with stripes. I smile. "Uncle Louis.",I whisper. I go to the men's section and I look for a stripped shirt. Once I find it I go to the store clerk,"What is the closet woman's shirt you have that looks like this?" "Oh follow me dear",the clerk says. She looked like she was about 30 she had long black hair. It was put back with a head band. Her hair moved as she walked. She wore bright pink lipstick and had purple glasses. "Here ya go!",She hands me the shirt and I walk off to find suspenders.

Once I found all I needed I went to Aunt Eleanor. "Um...are you trying to tell me something?",she asks while staring at my choice in clothes. "Eleanor, I'm not gay. If that's what you're thinking. I just wanted to twin up with Louis.",I say. She laughs and takes the clothes from my hands and started to check out.


I looked at my stomach and sighed. "It looks like I swallowed a balloon.", I say to Liam. He chuckles,"You still manage to look lovely." I blush,"Oh wow. Cheesy." He smiles and kisses me. "Sarah hurry come here!",I hear my mum yell. I fly down stairs. "What?",I ask. "I just say this online.",my mum says with tears in her eyes. 

All I could manage to say was."Oh no..." Then the tears fell.



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