My Paradise

Hi,I'm Sarah Styles I'm 16 now. My mother died really young fighting for our country. I am secretly in love with my fathers band mate Liam Payne. Will it work out or is Sarah to young and childish for him?
Read to find out!!!


14. Starting fresh(Katie's POV)

"Katie?",Harry asks. "Yeah?",I say. "You kinda left me up there are you okay?",He asks me. I look at him and nod my head yes. He sighs and leaves me all alone in the living room. How could I just fall back in love again? It's not that simple. Actually it's pretty confusing trying to decide what's best. I feel like one of those silly girls picking petals off of flowers saying,"He loves me,he loves me not." I don't know if I love him or he loves me. I can't just love him again. I don't know who I am anymore. Of course I love him. Wait,no I don't. Whatever hopefully I make up my mind. "Hey,Liam is picking me up. I gotta go to the doctor. Wanna come?",Sarah asks. "Of course let me just got get my bag.",I say. I grab my things and head down stairs.


"So Miss Styles,everything seems to going okay. I suggest taking it easy for a while. Are you still in school?",The doctor asks her. "Yes,but I have a tutors.", she replies. Wow Harry really went all out. Tutors? Wow. "Okay well that's great. I want you to make an appointment to come see me in 6 weeks to see how things are going.",The Doctor says. She smiles and nods her head yes. "How long till we get the gender Doc?",Liam asks. "Um..maybe next month." I smile at Sarah she smiles back. "Mrs.Styles?",The doctor asks. "Ha oh no I haven't been a Mrs.Styles in a long time please call me Katie.",I say. He smiles,"Okay,Katie I would like you to give Sarah this medicine twice a day every 3 hours for stomach problems." "Sure thing.",I say. I can't believe I said I wasn't a Mrs.Styles,that hurt.  Great,I bet Liam is going to tell Harry.

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