My Paradise

Hi,I'm Sarah Styles I'm 16 now. My mother died really young fighting for our country. I am secretly in love with my fathers band mate Liam Payne. Will it work out or is Sarah to young and childish for him?
Read to find out!!!


9. Here we go.

"Tell me it's a lie.",I whisper.  I look down at the ground with teary eyes. "Why didn't you tell me before?",I ask. "I'm really sorry.",Liam says. After he explained the story I have just been depressed. Why would my mum do that to me? Why would she just bolt off with out thinking about my father,didn't she consider he may have been with my grandma,Anne? Ugh! I can't stand this! I feel like a crazy person.I'm sure it's just my crazy pregnancy hormones. "Liam, how are we going to tell Harry?,I ask. He sighs,"That's the can't tell him Sarah. We have to find Katie first." I gasp,"But how,how will we find her she could be all the way across the world cuddling with some guy!" "Oh well we find her and bring her to Harry. He may be just a bit happier about the baby if he has someone beside him so innocent to back you up.",he explains. "So,what's the plan how are we going to do this?",I ask. "First we are going to call the boys and come up with a plan to get you out of here and then work our way up.",he says. I nod. "Wait,what about the baby? I can't be chasing people all over the world while I'm pregnant!",I say. "Don't worry the boys and I will have your back.",Liam says.


"Well,Liam what did you need us for?",Niall asks. "We need your help.",I say. They give us some confused looks. Louis stares at my stomach. He looks at me with scared eyes. I give him the I know look. I sigh. "I told her about Katie.",Liam states. They all give him death glares,"What?!",Zayn whispers loudly. "Zayn...",Louis says. I look at Zayn he has his hand balled into fits he looks at me and then at Liam. "What do we need to do?",Louis asks smiling. I can't help but to smile at him. He always lightens the mood. I love that about him. "We need help to find Katie. Sarah's pregnant and well I think she needs her mother more than ever and I'm  To much in love with Sarah to lie to her anymore about her own mother.".Liam says. I smile looking at the ground. I don't think they noticed anyway. "Well,Liam you are in luck.",Zayn says. "We have been tracking Katie for months now.",Niall says. I love it when they finish each others sentences! "Oh great! This will be a piece of cake!",Liam says. I giggle, he kisses my cheek.  "She's in New York though,so we have to buy plane tickets.",Louis says. "Oh.",I say. "How are we going to come up with something to tell Harry?",Liam asks. "We have a plan don't worry.",Louis says then winks at me. Liam's eyes shot to Louis's and he gives him a death glare. Louis chuckles a bit,"She's all yours,pal.",Louis says. I smile. 

Great well here we go now I'm going to find my mother and my fathers true love. Ugh! This better work out.

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