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Wanderlust: An irresistible desire to travel to understand ones very existence.

Emery West has been traveling ever since she became a legal adult at the age of eighteen. She's always wanted to travel and explore places that were different than the small town of Holly Hill in the lovely country called America. She never expected to ever meet someone and settle down with them because that's something that she never thought she could have growing up the way she did, she wasn't sure if she'd want it anyway. But when she meets another wanderer by the name of Louis, will things change? Or will she be forever alone-by choice?


1. 01. Blue-Gray Eyes

~~The day Emery West met the English boy with the bright blue-green eyes is a day that could've gone a whole lot better.

Emery had been traveling, or wandering as Emery liked to call it, for a while now; always moving around and never staying in the same place for more than a week at most. Emery just liked new places, she didn't really know. All she knew was that she loved to travel and experience new things.

This week she was in the City of Love; better known as Paris. Emery had just gotten to the hotel she was staying at for the week and as she got settled in, she let her mind wander to different places and topics. That's where she got most of her ideas anyhow. Daydreaming. You see, Emery was a writer. She was always writing wherever she went and about whatever she thought would make a good story. She also has the tendency to come up with new story ideas more than she actually wrote them.

So after she got settled in, Emery decided to go for a walk and get some fresh air. She grabbed her coat and slipped on her black leather boots and headed out the door and walked out and into the cold winter air.

She was wandering through a park in the center of the city-quite close to the Eiffel Tower- when it started to snow, throwing the fluffy white bits all over the place and coating her brown-blonde hair with white flakes as they melted almost instantly.

As time went on, the snow fell harder and soon enough, Emery had to take refuge from the harsh winter wind and the icy flakes that made her cheeks flush with the icy feel against the warmth of her skin. So, ducking into a nearby coffee shop, which was coincidentally a Starbucks, Emery ordered a coffee and sat down at a table that was farthest away from the door, shielding her from most of the winter chill.

Once she had gotten her coffee, she decided to make use of the free wifi and started to write some more of a story she was currently working on. It was about a girl who has a family full of musicians and she's expected to be one too, but she wants to be a writer instead. She also falls in love with a boy who just so happens to be their rivals, which causes a lot of trouble for her and her family. But a school project that involves her making and performing her own 'album' her family finally sees that she is old enough to make her own decisions. It is her life after all.

So three coffees and two chapters later, Emery was burnt out for the day and was just about to leave the coffee shop when the door swings open, letting in the frigid air in along with some of the snow with the jingle of a small bell hanging on the door. Looking up, she saw the frame of a muscular and tall boy walking towards the front counter. Getting a closer look as he leaned against the counter to wait for his order, she saw that he had a brunette fringe going on and slight facial hair lining his jaw. She also noticed that he had strong, prominent cheekbones that stood out on his thin, pixie-like face, his kissable pink lips standing out on his face, which was pale due to the cold winter air.

As if sensing her gaze, he starts to turn towards her but Emery didn't fully see it, since she quickly turned her attention back to the computer screen and the story of Noelle and her fight for independence in her own life.

As Emery continued to look away and tried her hardest not to look suspicious, she heard the boy say a quiet "thank you" as he grabbed his coffee and turned around, heading in her direction.

"Oh my god," Emery mumbled under her breath as she tried to contain her panic. Boys had a tendency to make her feel nervous and uncomfortable. As the boy got closer to her table Emery started to panic even more and her palms became moist with anxiousness.

"Do you mind if I sit here, love?" The boy with the beautiful eyes asked as he pointed towards the seat across from her. Giving him a nod of approval, Emery tried to calm her nerves but as the boy gave her an amazing smile that seemed to light up the whole room, all sense of control escaped her and she nervously took a sip of her coffee as the boy sat down across from her, wrapping his hands around the cup and leaning his long muscular arms on the table, making the muscles in his arms prominent. A few minutes later Emery was starting to get use to the silence between them when he spoke.

"So, what brings you to the City of Love? You don't sound like you're from here." The boy said, turning his blue-gray gaze on Emery, making her even more nervous than she already was.

"Well," Emery began nervously, licking her rough, chapped lips before speaking again. "I love to travel and experience new things, so I decided to come here this week." She finished, taking a sip of her coffee to calm her nerves.

"Huh, small world," He said with a smile gracing his thin lips as Emery titled her head slightly as if to ask him, silently, what it was he meant by that.

"I love to travel as well," He said with a heavy English accent. "Some may call it Wanderlust." He mused quietly, smiling as the word rolled easily off his tongue.

"Lovely." Emery replied almost silently but the boy seemed to have heard her anyway.

"What's your name?" He asked with glittering eyes and a small smile, causing Emery's cheeks to warm slightly.

"Emery. Emery West. And you are?" She asked him as his smile got wider, lighting up his whole face in a very lovely and beautiful way.

"You have a lovely name," He said honestly, his eyes alight, with what she wasn't sure. "I'm Louis. Louis Tomlinson." He said, extending his hand for her to shake, so I put my small, gloved hand into his. His grip was strong, sure and warm, the handshake of a very friendly person.

Glancing out the window after they shook hands, she saw that the snow had stopped coming down brutally and Emery decided that she had better go before it got any worse.

"It's stopped snowing so I had better go before it gets any worse." Emery said quietly, shocked to find that she didn't particularly want to go but she knew she didn't have a choice.

"Yeah, I had better get going as well. Where are you staying this week?" He asked as she stood up and put on her coat, Louis quickly following suit.

"The hotel in Fifth Avenue." She said as he looked taken aback by my answer.

"Really? I am as well." He said as we walked out the door and headed down the street, walking side by side as Louis talked about everything under the sun.


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