The Uncontrollable

A group of kids with strange powers, strange knowledge, and strange pasts meet up with Dana. A used to be average teenage girl.


1. Not A Second Thought



                I got up and got dressed. Then, I ran down the chocolate brown carpeted stairs. I grabbed my breakfast off the counter and ran outside to catch the bus.

                The outside air smelled of pine and smoke. The smoke was coming from my neighbors Charlie and Rebecca. They hold a bonfire every year and of course they have to burn everything imaginable. They burnt kindling, oil, boxes, oak, and pretty much anything else you could put in a fire.

                The trees were red, orange, yellow, and brown.  Autumn was coming. Actually it was here. I stared at the beautiful trees with respect as I ran past to the bus stop.

                When I got to the bus stop I stood there, waiting for what felt like forever, but while I was waiting I occupied myself by checking off what was done for homework. Darn it! I forgot to do my social studies homework. Maybe while I’m waiting I can do my homework. So, I sat down on the bench behind me and pulled out my social studies folder.

                 About five minutes later the bus came, and I packed up my stuff and climbed up those steep steps that entered onto the bus. Before I got on the bus I could already here the kids screaming and could see the spit balls getting spat all around.

                I got in and sat next to someone that I think is named Tracy Conner. I smiled over at her and when she turned to look at me I could see her face. She had eyes somewhere between the color ranges ice-blue and cool-blue. She had beautiful golden hair with brown streaks that came floating down like it weighed nothing to her shoulders. She had soft delicate features. She was actually pretty, for the most part. She finally smiled at me and I could see her blood, red lips.

                I looked away as another person got on, it was my friend Jonny. Jonny had deep blue eyes, sandy blonde hair, perfectly tan skin, and pearly white teeth; he belonged on a beauty commercial.

                I smiled and moved seats for me to sit next to him and I waved and said, “Over here Jonny!” Every girl around me looked over at me with jealous glares.

                Jonny is the most popular boy in school and the most athletic. On top of that he is gorgeous! I waved at him again and he waved back. I don’t even know why he hangs out with me. But he does. Weird right? 

                I smiled and he smiled back.

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