The Girl with the Red Converse

In todays world it is quite usual for people to get sucked into their lives. They forget about others who they don't know. They stick with what they know. That's what Felix Smithy did for most of his life, he just blended in. Then he met a girl who didn't blend. She was quiet and stayed to herself yet she stuck out so much. Felix always thought it was because of her bright red shoes.


1. Someone New

It was the first day of high school that I noticed her, the girl with the red converse. I only knew she was new because of how she acted around others. No one recognized her. I'm not sure how I could tell, but I just could. I've always been good at stuff like that. And, well, she was introduced as home schooled during first period English. 

“Good Morning students!” That’s how Mrs. Kane, the English teacher, would always start our class. She was a good teacher. Always outgoing, always quick and eccentric, and almost always smiling. Her hair was usually in a messy bun and her desk was never clean. (I always wondered how she never lost any of our papers) Through all of this it was clear that she loved teaching and she at least liked us.

 “Having a good first day? I know I am! Before we get into what I want you to learn this year, I want to get to know you.”

A few people sifted uncomfortably in their seats, myself included. Whenever a teacher said something like that it usually meant having to speak in front of everyone.

“Now I know most of you don’t like speaking in the front of a classroom so I shall allow you to partner up and work together to introduce each other. Now should I choose or should I let you choose?”

She paced in front of the class in her bright heels. Some people started to call out that we should pick for ourselves. Mrs. Kane started to nod to herself. 

"Okay, okay," she said to herself. "I've got it! I will allow you to form your own groups." 

As soon as these words came out of her mouth people started to look around to catch the eyes of friends. Names started to fly. 




And on like that. But the only one not at least looking around was this mysterious new girl in the corner. She had her head bent down in a notebook. She was furiously scribbling something down as if there was no tomorrow. 

I turned back to look at Mrs. Kane in the front of the room. She was vigorously trying to calm the class. 

"Hold on, hold on, I wasn't finished! Honestly. Right then. You will need a partner, whom you may choose, but I would like for you to join up with someone who you don't usually speak with. That should be easy seeing as it is a new school year. I want you to get to know each other, you will then come to the front of the room and introduce each other. Right then, off you go." 

Instead of jumping up and finding a friends just as everyone else, I looked at the girl in the corner. She was still writing. At the time I couldn't understand why anyone want to write when they didn't have to, there is a reason we can speak after all. I started to examine her carefully. She wasn't really all the skinny, but I wouldn't call her fat either. She just seemed normal, average. She wore jeans and graphic t-shirt that I couldn't see that well. Her hair was a light brown, but it didn't seem completely natural. It looked as if it had been bleached by the sun. From how she was sitting and where I was sitting (across the room) I couldn't see her face all that well. Her hair covered her face. 

And in that moment that I couldn't see her face I was subconsciously looking for something that I could use to distinguish her from the other brown haired girls. I think that was the first moment I noticed her shoes, completely unsure of how I could have missed them. My train of thought was suddenly broken by Mrs. Kane asking if we all had partners. I, of course, did not seeing as how I had been lost in thought. Red shoes had no one either. In fact this was the first time I had seen her raise her head all class. 

She and I raised our hands to show we needed a partner. And that's how I first met her. That's how I first met Jenna Welch and I suppose that was the day my world changed. And I guess it changed for the better. I mean, how else could it have changed. 

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