I Won't Give Up

When 13 year old Amelia Parker sees a new boy move in next door the summer before eighth grade, she can't keep herself away. Read this beautiful love story because guaranteed you will be able to relate.


2. Is this real life?

Oh. My. God.

Can guys be pretty? No wait- they're handsome. I guess I wouldn't really know, as I've never had a relationship with guys (or girls, just in case you were wondering).

"Well hey there. What can I do for you?" Pretty-handsome-boy asks.

"Uhh--er--um--here." I manage to squeak out. I feel my face get redder than a tomato.

He looks down and smiles. He takes the basket. Our hands touch, but not for long.

"Oh wow, where are my manners? I'm Luke. Luke Taylor." He winks. AHHH did that just happen? Wait what am I doing?! Reply already idiot!

"Um, my name is..is..um..Amelia. Amelia Parker, I guess." My eyes all of a sudden are really interested in my shoes.

"You guess? That seems different." Luke replies.

"Yeah. I am different." I say, still staring at my feet.

He realizes I don't want to stand there anymore.

"Just a second." he whispers.

"MOM, I'M GOING OUT FOR A WHILE." Luke shouts inside. I follow him as he walks down the steps.

"So, Amelia Parker, how long have you been in New Hampshire?" Luke asks me.

I pretend to think.

"Well, since March 6, 2000." I say with a smirk.

"Wow. So you're one of those who are good at memorizing dates, eh?" he grins.

"Nah, day I was born. I've lived here my whole life." I half-smile. Butterflies are seriously going psycho right now in my stomach.

"Impressive. I just moved here from Texas. In case you didn't see the huge moving truck in my driveway." Luke winks. Oh-his eyes. Hot? Check. Oh-his muscles. Hot? Check.

"Really?! I didn't notice. Just about tripped over it coming over." I say sarcastically. I really hope he likes sarcastic girls, because if he doesn't, screw my life.

He lets out a deep, cute laugh. Soon, I'm laughing too.

"You're really funny, Amelia Parker."

"Just Amelia, thanks." I say, adding a wink.

"Ahh, you gonna correct me? I see how this is gonna be." Luke says.

"Mmhmm. Get on my level." I say.

Cute laugh.

"So where are we going anyway?" I ask him.

"You think I know where anything is here? You expect a lot." Luke smiles.

I snicker.

"Why'd you come up here? Texas seems pretty cool."

"My parents divorced two years ago, and my mom just got remarried. My real dad killed himself three months ago." Luke says, suddenly interested in the sky.

"Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry. Usually I don't tell ANYONE this, but I've tried that a few times myself." I reply.

Luke stops walking.


"No one likes me." I shrug my shoulders.

"Well what's not to like?" he raises his dark eyebrows.

"You're blind." I say.

"Really? Last I checked my vision's pretty solid." Luke adds.

"I'm an ugly bitch."

"Whoa there. You aren't ugly and you sure as heck ain't a bitch. So don't ever say that again." Luke says.

"Sometimes the truth hurts, buddy. Really. It's okay, I've been telling myself this for years."

"You're crazy."




Luke and I find a park and lay in the grass.

"You know, it's only been a few hours, but I feel like I've known you since March 6, 2000." Luke chuckles.

"Hmm...that date sounds familiar." I play along.

"Yeah. It's this gorgeous girl's birthday.  While we're on the subject, I'm crazy for her." He looks at me. I feel like flying.

"Wow. She sounds great. Too bad she doesn't exist." I say.

"Really? That's odd because I'm sitting right by her."

"My God, stop showing your stupid affection for trees. They all hate you Luke." I grin.

"Seriously. Amelia- I like you."


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