A new life is what Viridiana needs. She decides to make a big change in her life. One more thing there are five special boys that she will met at her school.
Read to find out what happens.


5. 5

It seems to be that everything is better now, I will never regret to have changed my look. People now days is what they mostly care about. My personality was always like this but I never showed the real me or what I thought. Last year I was so desperate to show everyone what i really was and not what I looked like but they didn't let me any other choice. My life has changed a lot since I decided to not be afraid about what other people think. Even when it might look like I don't have any good feelings, I do, I am actually very fragile inside but I won't let any one see that side of me because I hate it. And now changing the subject... 

Alejandra and I are going to go to a restaurant with our favorite band One Direction. I can tell very esaly that Alejandra is intrested in Niall Horan. I don't know how but I can c:

I hope that i can get to know a little bit more about Zayn. He seems very atractive

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