A new life is what Viridiana needs. She decides to make a big change in her life. One more thing there are five special boys that she will met at her school.
Read to find out what happens.


4. 4

Viridiana's POV

They are ONE DIRECTION?!?! What are they doing at this school?

A:"Are you the band One Direction?"

1D:"Yes we are"

V:"What are you doing at this school?"

1D:"We are new at this school"

A:"OMG really? I LOVE your music!"

V:"Me too you are awsome!"


Alejandra and I talked to them a lot. They are my favorite band. When we started to talk to each other I suddendly felt aomething special about Zayn.


Zayn's POV

As I was talking to Viridiana I felt like I had met her before but in someone else's body. In a concert but she didnt have blue crazy. She was different but the same.


Viridiana's POV

I remember I once went to a One Direction concert I had the chance to talk to Zayn but it looked like he didnt care at all. Now I can talk to him everyday. It's like my life is getting much better. I am finally happy.


author's note

sorry for the short chapters I will try to make them longer from now on

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