A new life is what Viridiana needs. She decides to make a big change in her life. One more thing there are five special boys that she will met at her school.
Read to find out what happens.


1. 1

Viridiana's POV

I wake up earlier than usual. Today I was going to change I am not going to be the nerd or loser in school this year. I'm going to show the side of me that no one has ever seen. There's one more week of summer. I have a complete week to change my look. I dont know how I survived all I have lived. I have always been bullied but this year was going to be different. 


Days After…

I completly changed my look. I now have my hair blue and I look a lot prettier. It is so much better now everyone will be surprised at school of who I am. I cant belive myparents hasnt been in the house for 3 days and I am all alone. But who cares? Not me they dont care about me I dont care about them and everyone is happy. They just pretend like they care but they dont. I wish I could have a different family. I am happy I changed my look I feel more confident and strong. I am not that loser I used to be. Now I dont care about anything I can finally feel free.

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