Because of you. I killed myself.

Valerie faces being bullied and raped everyday by the same person. Will she take it or did she have enough? Find out.


3. Chapter 3

~ Chapter 3 ~


How could she not tell me? I mean I am her big brother and I need to know everything. She said she was doing great school until I found out about this guy bullying her and raping her. Some kid told me that the guy has been bullying her and raping her ever since the first day of high school which made me furious.

She should have told me about what was happening. I needed to find that fucking kid that hurt her.



“You suck man.” I yelled at Chase who was losing in our racing game. I laughed at him throwing the remote at his bicep. What an idiot. I heard the doorbell ring and I ran up and opened the door. This big guy stood there looking mad as hell. His biceps were showing his veins and he was standing like a mad bodyguard.

Who the fuck is this?

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