Because of you. I killed myself.

Valerie faces being bullied and raped everyday by the same person. Will she take it or did she have enough? Find out.


2. Chapter 2

~ Chapter 2 ~


I woke up to a bright light shining through my eyes that made me wince. I heard people yelling and moving around. I opened my eyes slowly and looked around to see that I was in a hospital. I looked beside me and saw my dad and older brother Mason.

Dad grabbed my hand and squeezed it lightly not wanting to put pressure on me.

“Do you have any pain? Do you need a drink?” He asked panicking. I quietly giggled and gave him a weak smile. I shook my head no and squeezed his hand back.

“I’m alright daddy. Thank you.” I whispered. I looked at Mason who looked furious. His eyes showed anger and that was all. I sat up slowly and gave daddy a little squeeze. I sat up and tried to grab Mason’s but he just moved back making me cry a little inside but I just blinked them back.

“Mason, come here.” I said getting up. Dad helped me by grabbing my arm and moving with me. I tried to grab Mason’s arm again but he wouldn’t budge. He moved back with his nose flaring. I started crying now and I kneeled to the floor.

“Valerie.” Dad warned. I just ignored him and crawled to Mason.

“Mason please. Talk to me please, I’m sorry.” I begged grabbing his leg. I was sobbing now and begging him to talk but he just stood there like a statue.

“You didn’t tell me about anything. I’m your fucking big brother. You have to tell me everything. I can’t believe you.” He said whispering the last part. I stared at him dumb folded and hugged his leg to my chest.

“I’m sorry Mason. I promise I’ll be good. I promise please.” I begged sobbing. He knelt down to my level and kissed my forehead before leaving. I screamed his name after him but he wouldn’t stop.

“MASON!” I screamed sobbing. He didn’t stop he just kept walking. I think I just lost my brother. Dad came behind me and hugged me from behind while I cried into his chest.


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