Let me love you

A girl by the name Shanice and her little sister Cylina entered a competiton to live with a celebirty for 18 months but this wasnt all a fun and games when Shanice gets to live with Harry Styles and Cylina gets to live with Justin Bieber but does it work out or does it or fall apart.


1. Chapter One : The New Lifestyle.

Cylina's POV

"I hope Shanice doesnt mind me doing this" I thought. I filled out mine and Shan's forms i really hope I win well Shan may not she just got cheer captain. I want to live with Miley Cyrus i get to do whatever i wanted but Shan should get Perrie Edwards or something.

3 Months Later

2 letters came in the mail addressed to

Cylina P Fowler

1478 Beverly Hills Drive

Pacific Vista

the letter read

"To Cylina

Congradulations you have won to live with Justin Bieber for 18 months.

you will be flown to Miami on the 9th of December and Justins crew will pick up from LAX at 12.30 sharp. We hope you enjoy this experience. "

I screamed I have actually won something in my life!

I cant wait to go! Oh no Shanice got a letter to.

"Shan there's a letter for you" I screamed.



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