Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


6. (Part1) The First Day

Scott, Maddie, and Johnny had fun that day. They went back to their dormitories when it got dark. Johnny had went to sleep as soon as he lay down. Scott laughed.

He opened his album.

Before he went off to Hogwarts, James had gave it to him. It was the first time open it.

There was a folded note. He opened it.

Hey Scott,

I found this at your house... There were a couple of Death Eaters still there, so, I had to use my invisibility cloak... Love ya!


Scott closed his eyes and imagined James going through Voldemort and his Death Eaters' traps and security.

Scott flipped the page.

He saw a beautiful teenage girl and a handsome and tall teenage boy.

It took Scott a while to figure out who it was.

But at the end, he figured it out that it was his Mum and Dad.

Scott never thought that his mother was so beautiful... It just made him miss her more... And his fatherwas handsome... There was a reason that his mother had fell for him...

They were dancing... His mother looked happier than Scott had ever seen her...

Scott flipped the page again. This time, he saw his mother and his father kayaking.

He flipped the page again. This time, he saw him. He suddenly felt bad about himself. He felt like it was all his fault that his mother had been killed.

But his mother was smiling... She looked happy... What was the truth?

Then, again, he felt his mother's hand on his shoulder.

He turned around and saw his mother.

She said, "I was happy with you, Scott... But I was happier in my teenage years... That's how everyone feels..."

Then the image began to faint again. Scott waved.


The next day, Scott woke Johnny up and they went to the Common Room to meet Maddie.

Maddie was waiting for them.

After they ate breakfast, they got their schedules. Their days were normal. It kept going on and on... Scott was a fairly talented boy, and he didn't see his mother from that day.

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