Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


24. (PART 5) The Marriage

Part 5: The Battle of Hogwarts

Scott worked in the Ministry of Magic as an auror. He was now 27. 

He had still been going out with Natalie and he met every day with Johnny because Johnny, too, was an auror. He worried about Harry a lot of times... He had never seen him since James and Lily had died. But he knew that Harry was brave and would survive.  

Johnny's girlfriend was still Maddie. Scott still didn't talk with Maddie though. He couldn't forgive her somehow. It was as if they were never friends. 

One day, Scott was at a cafe with Natalie. He was done with work early. They had ate dinner together and were eating dessert. 

Natalie suddenly started staring at Scott wildly. 

Scott, who was reading an article in the Daily Prophet, looked up. He was a very handsome man. His hair was now light brown, his eyes were bright blue, and his skin was fair. He looked more like his mother. 

He asked, "Why Natalie?"

Natalie said, "Scott.... Can I ask you something?"

Scott put the Daily Prophet down. 

"Yeah sure. What is it?" 

Natalie asked, "Um... Can we get... you know... married?" 

Scott stared at Natalie. But after seconds, an answer came out of his mouth. 

"I'll be glad to Natalie." 

That's how they decided to get married. 

*Months later*

"Mister Scott, you have to go now!" 

Scott gently kissed Natalie and went out of the room. They were getting married. Natalie looked simply beautiful. 

When the wedding was all over, Scott and Natalie headed for their new home. 

It wasn't a big house, but a medium-sized house. They had both liked it very much. 

After a couple of months, Johnny and Maddie got married. 

*Months Later*

Scott came back from work. Natalie greeted him. 

She said, "Hi, honey. Dinner's almost ready."

After they had dinner, Natalie threw up. 

Scott asked, "Are you okay, Natalie?" 

Natalie said, "Yeah I'm fine... I just feel sick these days..." 

Scott said, "You just need to visit St. Mungo's... I'll take you there tomorrow. They can stand one day without me." 

The next day, Natalie and Scott went to St. Mungo's. The healer looked at Natalie. After a couple of minutes, she announced that Natalie was simply pregnant. 

Scott and Natalie were thrilled to hear the news. Their own child. How wonderful would it be? 

Natalie gave birth to a healthy boy after a while. They named him Connor John Wilson. 

Connor was an adorable baby. He had bright green eyes, just like Natalie. But the rest of his body looked like Scott. 

Natalie looked happier than ever, carrying little Connor around the house. 

But she was tired, looking after him. So Scott had to come early from work a lot of times. But it was fun. Connor loved his father. 

Soon, Connor could walk and say a few words. He could say dadda, mama, fun, potty, and many other words. Natalie and Scott were very proud of Connor. 

When Connor was nine months old, Jonathan and Maddie had their child. 

It was a boy. They named him Maxwell Alexander Alston. 

Max looked the same like his father. He didn't look at all like Maddie. Natalie and Scott visited them often. 

*6 years later*

The wizarding community was in danger of course. Voldemort was basically taking over the world. Little Connor was now six. He was full of magic. 

But it was dangerous for Scott. He worked in the Ministry. He didn't want to be a Death Eater, but wanted to live. Natalie and Connor needed him. 

Max was six, too. Connor and he always played together. Maddie and Natalie seemed to get along well, too. 

Scott and Johnny talked about the world and how dangerous it was. But their sons didn't really know what was happening. 

Scott was worried because Harry and his friends had disappeared. He had talked with Mrs. Weasley and she only said that they were doing a job for Dumbledore. 

Scott didn't understand. Dumbledore was dead. But maybe there was something that he had to do... Dumbledore was the kind of person that gave those kind of missions. And he was the only person except Snape that knew that Dumbledore had planned his death with Snape. 

Scott knew. And he knew that Harry knew what he was doing. 

Natalie was more protective about Connor than ever. You see, Connor was a little naughty. And he liked to play outside with magic. And there were a lot of dementors. Connor wouldn't be safe. 

Scott, too, was worried. But he had faith in Connor that he won't get distracted by the dementors. 

But months had passed. Things got worse. Voldemort was getting stronger. Scott's heart broke every time he heard about someone who had been murdered. 

It was his father that was doing this. 

One day, he was watching Connor and Max play in their backyard with Johnny. Then, Natalie came running out of the house. She looked panicked. 

"Scott! A letter! From the Order!"

Scott got the letter from his wife. It said: 

Hey Scott. 

It's wartime. No time to explain. You and Johnny. Hogwarts. NOW! 

Scott stared at the letter. Then he turned to Johnny. 

"We have to go to Hogwarts. Battle." 

Johnny nodded. 

He cried out, "Max! Connor come here!" 

But they weren't listening. Scott felt panicked. 

He ran over and picked Connor up himself. Max followed. 

He put Connor inside the house in Natalie's arms. Max was held tight by Maddie. 

Natalie kissed Scott and said, 

"Be safe, Scott. We need you." 

Scott said, "I'll try, Natalie... Don't leave the house and don't let Connor go outside! Lock him in the house." 

Natalie nodded. Maddie knew that the same went for Max. She nodded, too. Johnny and Scott apparated to Hogwarts. 

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